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Modifying PCX files? problem

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  • Modifying PCX files? problem

    I encountered a problem when modifying the PCX files using photoshop. They appear as the actual objects but with blue backgrounds. =x I saved them as PCX files after editing, but they still appear with a blue background. Anyone know why this happens? =/

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    I usually work with Paint, and counter this blue background by sampling the normal background color while in Paint and refill the area around my new object(s) with it.

    I recommend putting your new graphs in a copy of an existing SMAC graph file and work from there.
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      In Paint Shop Pro, I saved a "palette.pal" file from palette.pcx.
      Colors > Save Palette…
      Whenever I edit a SMAC/X pcx, I apply that palette (nearest color) before saving the edited file.
      Colors > Load Palette…
      Each graphics program has its own way of saving palettes from an image, so look through the Photoshop menus to find how to save (and apply) a 256-color palette.
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