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How does one make 2D-graphics units?

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  • How does one make 2D-graphics units?

    Well, that's all I want to know really. How do I make a new unit for AC that uses 2D graphics (seeing that 3D graphics is still out of reach, but it's getting closer!).

    Also, are there any city graphics out there that could be mistaken for cities built on earth?

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    You need a program like 3dmax, which I do own, but I really am not very good at!

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      Can't help you with the first part , however, if you own SMACX the Sid and Brian factions have '20th Century office building' base graphics also FreeChina's 'Welfare State' faction has a 'big glassy city' base graphic set. It can be found hmmmm.. either here at Apolyton or over at Sidgames in the download section.

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        IIRC, you can make simple units under the "units.pcx" file. You just have to tinker with the alpha.txt file to make them work....

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