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Using the powers of SMACX to create truly 'alien' alien factions

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  • Using the powers of SMACX to create truly 'alien' alien factions

    I might be wrong about this, but it seems to me that the most popular 'alien' faction is the Borg. There have been many attempts at making a Borg faction, many different versions made by many different people. While all of these factions have been good, the limitations of SMAC have prevented designers from making the Borg truly 'alien.' But no longer!! Using the enhanced faction abilites offered by SMACX the creation of a true Borg faction is possible.

    I'm currently planning two versions of the Borg and two versions of a Species 8472 faction. One version will be for my SMACX2 modpack, and the other will be compatible with 'regular' smacx. The Borg will have enhanced defense based on the fact that very few attacks damage them, and they will they will have the free ability of dissociative wave based on the fact that they can adapt to the weapons of thier enemy. They will also have enhanced industry. Their tech advances will mainly come from conquest and or probe action. They will have the TECHSHARE ability, and the TECHSTEAL ability. And with earlier BORG factions they will have punishment spheres in every base.

    As for Species 8472, I havent decided on everythig yet, but they will have super grwoth capacity. Powerful Psi abilities, and they will have Nerve Gas Pods as a free ability, based on the fact that their cells are deadly weapons (just look what they did to Harry Kim.) They will also have an industry penalty because they aren't used to using inanimate metallic raw materials.

    What alien factions are the rest of you thinking up? Post your ideas here!!

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    Ho, man, there are lots of possibilities! Some of the Star Wars aliens, or the Babylon 5 aliens would make great choices as opposed to the Borg, an idea in SMAC(X) which has been a little overdone in my opinion -- though the new stuff in SMAX does raise some interesting possibilities.

    Using these two as fountains of inspiration, it would be easy to make factions from them... voice quotes from the movies or series, graphics from fan sites... come on, let's use our imaginations here!


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      Just out of curiosity, can the game handle more than 2 alien factions in the same game?
      eg Caretakers, Usurpers and Borg as alien.
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        Another player here (do not remember who) said he modified the Pirates to make another alien faction and played a game with 3 alien factions and all three were at odds and did not speak each other...


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          There's nothing in the programming that would stop you from playing seven alien factions in one game.
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