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  • Windows 10 help

    Hi - I have taken the advice given on these forms and brought back SMAC/SMACX through GOG almost a year ago. Now I have way too many saved games. Surely there must be a way to delete them all? It was easy on prior versions of Windows, so here is hoping it is easy for someone here and you can help me out. Many thanks.

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    It's still just as easy!

    I don't know where the GOG installation puts them. I can't imagine it being any different from the original game.
    The original game installation was at "C:Program Files (x86)\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri". Inside this folder is a folder named "saves".

    In File Explorer, go to the actual installation location on your system. Open that "saves" folder. Delete all the saves you don't want any more.
    If you sort the list on the "Date Modified" column, you can keep any of the newest saves that you want. They will be all together.
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      Thanks g. It was just my old computer not liking Win10. The solution was very expensive.

      But I am enjoying SMACX all over again thanks to COVID-19.