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SMAC 20th anniversary

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  • SMAC 20th anniversary

    Twenty years ago we were playing the demo anxiously awaiting the full release in February 1999. Best game ever.

    SMAC meant endless games, endless possibilities. A complex game that I doubt I will ever understand every last detail of. But I enjoyed every minute of it.

    Maybe a bit like Star Trek. The original TV show was not that popular and was cut. But it had a fanatical following like SMAC. But Star Trek was resurrected in many subsequent TV series and movies. SMAC has not been so lucky. There is a progression in the Civ series, but never SMAC2. Sad to say but Civ BE just does not do it for me.

    1. If there are any grizzled vets from the old days still following the forums it would be great to hear from you.
    2. I would love to play the game again. I fought it as long as I could, but eventually was forced to "upgrade" Windows. So I can't play anymore. Plus both the SMAC and SMACX disks are pretty battered up. What is the best path to playing again? My current computer is on its last legs, so if part of the solution is to buy a new one, that is okay.

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    Google for a $5 version of SMACX that runs on W10...
    AC2- the most active SMAC(X) community on the web.
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      My profuse thanks! I would have posted earlier, but I am too busy playing SMACX.

      It was, as you say, $8 Canadian, and easy to buy. It plays a bit horizontally stretched and there are delays at the start and end of movies. But, still brilliant! I am very happy.

      When the game came out I felt it rewarded intelligence, imagination and creativity much more than a typical game. Is there anything else out there in the way of newer games that I should also be playing?