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  • PSI bug

    I do not know if this was solved in SMAX, or in a patch, but in vanilla SMAC, this what happened to me:
    1. if i put PSI armor and some non PSI weapon, the unit also attacks with PSI weapon, instead of what it has.
    2. if i put PSI weapon and some non PSI armor, the unit also defends with PSI armor, instead of what it has.

    I did not played SMAX so much so I could use PSI weapon/armor, to check it out...

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    I think I recall seeing this happen but it's been a while... though I think in SMAX (which is what I usually will play) I usually go for psi on both slots so I may not have created it myself.
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      on another site, two people said this is solved in SMAX, but not a word if it is solved in SMAC...