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  • Old school Hive ICS spam

    Well it's been a fair few months since I've played again after my last PC died and I've not really had any competitive play on this in years but with some friends buying it on GoG I figured a little practice was in order. After reinstalling smax and the Yitzi patch I decided to see if I could still play to a solid intermediate level on gut instinct. Feel free to comment on things and offer advice to make sure my early game is intact

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    By turn 50 I've got 12 bases established and a continent of my own to expand into along with the WP. Pods have been hit and miss, a couple of AA's allowed me to rush the WP but other than that just ogres (2 surprisingly) which have been useful early police, cash and worms. No nut bonuses and my terrain is quite dry which will severely hamper getting those early specialist bases going for a tech push. IA is next turn, must've taken a wrong path because I had a 10 turn wait whilst I had to research Doc Mob since IA didn't appear after planetary networks which has slowed me down a bit (I remember there being an excel file which worked out what techs you needed to research and in what order based upon which player you were, haven't looked for it yet though). Upside is Spartans gave me the Gaian contact and I got a couple of useful techs out of them so I'll be able to jump onto Intellectual Integrity for my police scouts next and then hopefully start getting nut and mineral restrictions lifted soon after before the push for air power.

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    2165. Hindsight I shouldn't have bothered going for Intel Integrity, easier to produce more scouts and it's going to be so much longer until MMI now, I'd get demolished by a human player. I've not bothered grabbing other SP's because looking at the AI I'm hoping they'll actually take them and develop into something meaningful later ... they're even worse than I remember. Crawler production and such are going well, raising a bit of land to give initial core bases some more crawler space and soon I'll spam down condensors in an area and feed those bases colony pods to boost them to size 7.

    Yang of the Hive Yitzi patch, 2250 and
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    What's the Yitzi patch? I haven't played in a long time.


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      He's an .exe modder who's altered a bunch of stuff like the overpowered copters - also includes scient bugfixes and kyrub AI enhancements.
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        Nice city spam

        I've tried city spamming like you and it takes a lot of energy and attention to detail. Can't do it too often. I've found non-lethal methods doesn't stack with +3 police social engineering. I would have thought 3 non-lethal police units with +3 police would be awesome, I'm not even sure it suppresses 6 drones. With that amount of bases you may want to watch out for global warming. I've sunk quite a few AI bases by launching the melt polar ice caps intitiative with free market, muwhahaha. One sneaky nation to watch out for is the Alpha Prime, or whatever her name is. On the hardest difficulty she can crank out the research like crazy. With +2 efficiency Aki-5 can control a lot of bases and with tech will quickly take over any AI that got off to a bad start. I thought I had a game, then blam probe team framed me and turned some of the surrendered nations against me, and I knew I was in for a long game.


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          Nice one, old friend!
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