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Supply crawler/trawler question

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  • Supply crawler/trawler question

    Can a given square be serviced by two or even three supply crawlers? One for minerals, one for energy, and perhaps a third for nutrients? Some squares, like boreholes, can deliver a lot of goods in multiple categories, so having multiple teams of workers could come in pretty handy.

    If this is covered in an FAQ somewhere, I just haven't found it yet, so relevant pointers are welcome.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Nope, only one ressource can be crawled. If you have a borehole or other high yield square, you need a worker to get it all.

    Don't think it's mentioned in any FAQ or like since you get a message about it's not possible to do it if you try
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      Welcome to Apolyton!

      You're correct that only one supply crawler can work a tile. I couldn't find this information, after a quick look, in either the manual or the Datalinks. However, if you move a crawler onto a tile that's already worked and press the O key, you get the following message:

      Resources cannot be extracted from areas already used by other bases or supply convoys
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        Crawlers are best delegated to squares that are highly productive in one catagory: Examples:

        1) Rocky squares. Put a road, mine and crawler on it for an easy +4 minerals. Mount Planet increases this to +6 minerals, same for a mineral bonus addition (I don't recall getting a rocky square in the Garland Crater.)
        2) High-altitude solar collectors. 3000m+ with a solar collector and river grants you +6 energy.
        3) Nutrient bonus squares. Farm + condenser equals 6 nutrients, add the Monsoon Jungle and a soil enricher, and you have +8.
        4) A rocky square with a nutrient bonus: depends. Apparently somewhere I read that if more than two resource bonus squares are worked in a base, then after a certain time one of them will expire sooner than a normal bonus square might peter out. If you count four bonus squares inside a base radius including the nutrient bonus+rocky square, I'd terraform it level and put a farm+condensor on it.
        5) Geothermal Shallows -- crawl it

        Otherwise, if, for instance, you have the Garland Crater with a mineral bonus in one of the inner 9 squares, a Tree Farm + Hybrid Forest + river grants you 3-5-3, which isn't a bad square at all for a worker.


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          If you want to crawl multiple resources from a square, you could download Yitzi's patch which introduces new variables allowing this.