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scient is back at work on the patch - and could use your help

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  • scient is back at work on the patch - and could use your help

    As the title says, scient is about to release version 2.0 of his SMACX patch. He's going to want playtesters and feedback, and before release and after, bug reports, bug testing and discussion of bugs would be very helpful.

    2.0 is rumored, and he told me this himself, to feature:

    double the amount of bugs fixed
    + overhaul of all txt files
    + all packaged in a nice installer

    To get in on the action, go here, where the action is:

    scient is looking forward to hearing from you. Even if you're merely an interested non-techie, please help us keep him motivated by letting him know his hard work matters to you. Your contributions and good-will matter a lot to him.
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    I should mention that I'm no techie - just been trying to notice quirks in the game while I play, make some screenies, post some saves, and I've managed to report a number of things that are new to scient (and the other two .exe modders we have active, kyrub and Yitzi.) Yitzi is mostly focused on modding for game balance, BTW, kyrub on improving the AI - scient, as you probably know, on fixing bugs/exploits. The Bug/Patch Discussion forum is quite active of late, but the dialogue could always use more testers, reporters, and participants in the discussion.

    And this from scient:
    No coding required.

    If you're interested in testing the patch please let me know. I put any changes I make through heavy testing but there are a few experimental patches that would be nice to test their effects on AI. I prob won't release them as part of patch unless they've been vetted properly. If you're interested, send me a PM on AC2 and I'll share current release class. Looking for some help updating the French and German files. The installer that I made for patch will be able to handle different languages. It's only English for now until I can get help updating other languages.
    The same goes for any language - at a minimum, we'd like to cover all the languages SMAC(X) was released in -French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian, to my knowledge- but any language under the sun would be welcome. If you know Esperanto and English and want to, we'd like your help; just as well boost AC and build the community by making it accessible to as many people worldwide as possible.
    AC2- the most active SMAC(X) community on the web.


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      -Just a reminder; the patch, I understand, is ready for release, save some final work on datalinks corrections scient plans to incorporate, and any translations he can get. Playtesters and feedback are needed, and the Bugs/Patch forum is always ready for even more ongoing discussion of how the game works/should work.
      AC2- the most active SMAC(X) community on the web.