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Does anybody still play this game?

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    no, not famous ... just someone with too much time on their hands I was active in the 1999 - 2005 timeframe then sorta drifted away from the game


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      Having 'too much time' on one's hands seems like a far-fetched dream to me, how I envy you.


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        I did not played much in 2014, but for sure in 2013, both solos and with my nephew (both coops and against each other).


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          This game has very special significance for me. I still have a save file in dropbox that I'll play on either the family laptop or desktop whenever the mood strikes me.

          Just... one... more... turn...

          It'd been out for a while already when son was born in 2002 but I remember playing a game from start to finish in the hours between when the hospital kicked me out (end of visitor hours) to when I could go back. I was too excited to sleep (new dad syndrome) and so there I went. Wish I remember how I ended the game and what faction.

          But yes, people do still play.

          Though right now I'm eager to try out Beyond Earth. Got a copy for that same son for Christmas and a copy for myself so we can venture in as either a team (or opponents) together.
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          Civ and WoW are my crack... just one... more... turn...