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Running SMAC/SMAX off a USB Flash Drive

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  • Running SMAC/SMAX off a USB Flash Drive

    If this info is already on the forum forgive me. It does not seem to be common knowledge especially among newer players. Once you have your installed patched, configured, tinker, and thoroughly messed up. Save the entire directory to a USB drive and play off it. AC does not use any registry data to run so it can run from near any where. I have try this on friends PCs (2 Laptops & 2 Desktops w/XP, Vista & 7) that do not have AC installed and it works fine. Just use terran.exe or terranx.exe to run SMAC or SMAX.

    At the very least burn the directory to a CD/DVD then you won't have the headache of redoing the install if you were to have a hardware failure or want to use on a different PC. Just toss it on the Root of a drive and make a shortcut from the before mention terran.exe and/or terranx.exe.