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    in first hi to all and merry christmans
    some time ago i started to edit graphics of some custom faction with lview
    no problem to load palette (just the problem in the creation of custom logo, his dark side to be exactly and now i don't yet understand how it do)
    1 month later the free licence expire and so now that i want resume my project i can't reinstall Lview Pro
    I got Gimp 2 that is free but when i save pcx files the software make it with wrong palette
    how i can made regognize to gimp smacx palette??
    i use gimp because i read in forums it's right to make this work (and then is not expiry)
    someone can help me
    thanx to all and sorry fo my basic english

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    Don't know if this can what you want to do - I have used it for other stuff for some years.
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      no there's not the chance to load smacx palette (thanx), occure a edit pcx software and where you can load a custom palette colour (file .pal)


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        If you can find Paint Shop Pro 3, it does it all quite handily.
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