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  • Trained Scout Patrols

    I know they are used as "shells", to be upgraded into fierce high-tech units by energy rich factions. But couldn't they be used offensively, as some sort of "fanatics"? By that I mean conquer a base and start spitting out 1-1-1 with Sparta. If you were lucky enough to get the Command Nexus or the Cyborg Factory and run power, you can get an elite infantry every turn which can, at the very least, hunt down incoming rovers.

    Was that too stupid, or does it have any merit?

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    By the time you have Intellectual Integrity, plasma steel armor (strength 3) should be widely available, and a competent attacker would have at least a few units so equipped mixed into an attacking force. That said, high-morale 1-1-1 units are pretty good at taking out a native-heavy force (though 1-1-2 empath might be a better investment), should you face one.
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      Worth trying. In one of my Sparta game I had a lot of elite units otherwise would be commando. this additional move point is a great bonus. I had elite scouts and often attacked with them with success.
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        A trained scout often becomes a strong defender for me. The occasional one gets upgraded to good weapons but frankly gettin a rover up to elite is even better for the offensive actions
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