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    I recently got a copy of Alpha centauri but it's not starting. When I click on the shortcut it says "CPU is not supported" even though I have a Pentium 4 chip on my comp. I click ok and it crashes back to the desktop. Could someone help me with this problem? and I've already installed the XP/2000 compatibly patch to it.

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    Your question is answered in the FAQ:

    34) Q: When launching Alpha Centauri. I receive the error message "CPU not supported". My computer has a Pentium 4 or newer CPU.

    A: You will need to modify a line in the Alpha Centauri.ini that is located in the game folder. To do this:

    Double click on My Computer
    Double click on the C: Local Drive (your Hard Drive or the drive that the game is installed to)
    Double click on the Program Files Folder
    Double click on the Firaxis Games Folder
    Double click on the Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri Folder]
    Double click on the Alpha Centauri.ini File (The file looks like a read me text file with a little gold symbol on it).

    Once the file is open in Notepad, change:




    Be sure to save your changes, then run the game. You may still receive the error message. If it occurs, click OK and the game will load fine.
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