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Is my AC broken?

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  • Is my AC broken?

    Hmm. Lately I've been observing some really strange things in my SMAX games:

    1) Factions not expanding after 4 bases, and will not do so until very late in the game or if they land on Jungle. (This only happens on Transcend)
    2) Deidre goes very aggressive no matter which difficulty. In fact, Morgan is probably more pacifist than her!
    3) Roze keeps on sending probe teams against my cities, even if I'm under a pact with her (and her attitude is the highest)
    4) An enemy faction declares war on one of my Pact brothers, so I ask the enemy faction to call off the vendetta. A few turns later, I try to get my Pact brother to go war with this same faction, but he says "But has done me no wrong!!"

    So is my game broken? Things like this have happened in several other games now.

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    Looks pretty normal behaviour to me.

    1. is caused by the CPU failing to identify suitable base sites. You've probably got the basic worldbuilder set up or are playing at a low difficulty.
    2. Deidre just takes longer to anger than other factions whereas Morgan is hardcoded to be nicer.
    3. Pactmates can be jealous if you don't share tech with them.
    4. Their both plotting against you. Kill them both quick.


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      @ #1: Well, here's the thing.. it's on Transcend, a randomized map, and none of the spots are horrible. In fact, the spots the AI chooses are worse than some of the other spots that are available.