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  • Need a Map of Planet

    Does anyone know where I could find a high resolution image of the standard Map of Planet? I'm looking for something a little nicer than just a screenshot of the most zoomed-out level of the map. Labeled geographic features would be really nice, but not strictly nessecary.

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    So, you're looking for a hardcopy printout (as opposed to a graphics file)? If so, look for a copy of Prima's Strategy Guide for Alpha Centauri (ISBN is 0-7615-1584-4). It comes with a foldout map of Planet. I found a copy on the Internet several months ago for just $2.99. Make sure that the map is still with the book, since it might have been removed from a used copy.
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      I guess you could use print screen a would take a lot of measuring though, and would be hard on the printer...


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        Thanks for the help, guys. That strategy guide sounds like just the thing.