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I wonder if Sid will ever make a new Alpha Centauri

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  • I wonder if Sid will ever make a new Alpha Centauri

    It would be nice. I prefer Alpha Centauri than Civilization. The last Civilization was nice but filled with unlogical things. The strategy gameplay of Alpha Centauri was way better. I would hope to see Civilization IV with the unit creation used in Alpha Centauri. I imagine chosing a foot soldier and equipping them with bronze armor... then the technologie goes on. With special abilities that you can customize. Wouldnt it be great?

    Edit: Oops I didnt see the thread bellow about the vote on Firaxis. From the result... we might see a SMAC 2. A new colonization would be nice too.

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    Take a look at

    and cast your vote
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      Yeah I did it