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  • Terran.exe issue

    I have an AMD and all the patches including the WinXP patch.

    Now when I'm playing on Huge maps on single player Alpha Centuari Original (Actually, it's the only map type I've played on single player) sometime during the year 2200 the game quits with the vague message that "terran.exe has encountered a problem". And it keeps crashing when I reload the autosave.

    My guesses to the problem is that

    a) Since I'm playing on a huge map, the computer eventually reaches a limit on to how many way points, queues it can handle and crashes because not enough memory was allocated in the code
    b) Another theory is that it's related to mindworm appearance on the map an some checksum fails dealing with fog of war vision.

    Does anyone experience the same problems playing AC original? SMAX works just fine though.

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    Try adding the line


    to your Alpha Centauri.ini file (if not already present). According to the readme.txt file, adding this line might help with intermittent crashes. Refer to the Troubleshooting section of the readme file for other possibilities.
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      this happens all the time on huge maps? Or just the one game?


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        I've tried ForceOldVoxel algorithm set to one. It didn't work.

        And this happens to several SMAC single player games sometime at midgame. I haven't gone to mid game on multiplayer SMAC so I don't know if it it's a problem. I wasn't experiencing it when I only had SMAC installed but after I reinstalled SMAX with the WinXP patch for a PBEM I had joined, the problem reappears. SMAX works just fine. I can't be positive but I think SMAC works fine if I don't install SMAX.

        I haven't played on all map sizes. I've only been playing on huge maps for single player.


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          If you don't mind using the hard drive space, do a new install of SMAC by itself in a separate folder from SMAX.
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