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Help geronimo buy a 3d printer

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  • Help geronimo buy a 3d printer

    I'm not sure how I managed to initially post this in the main OT but a little cut and paste should patch that up somewhat.

    Anyway, does anybody have any experience to help guide a purchase of a 3d printer? I'm strongly leaning towards FDM but other than that I'm mostly looking for maximum flexibility, reliability, and precision without spending a lot more than $500 on this first printer. Applications include simple repairs of small broken plastic components, preferably with choices of materials that can handle some wear and tear without constant failure, figurines for my daughter whose requests are picky beyond belief, something for my daughter to print her 3d designed projects on at home, a few props and bits for my young sons hobbies and mechanical engineering kits that he currently embellishes on with woefully inadequate materials like cardboard. Basically I decided I should get one when I realized how often I've replaced something purely because a 3d printable part was no longer available or paid enough for such a part that I instead upgraded earlier than was strictly necessary.

    can anybody speak to the worth of dual extruders vs single or of a wide variety of plastics vs just pla and abs? I'm sure this first one will be what i can work with for the next couple of years and I'm not really satisfied with the inconsistent guidance reviews and buyer's guides are offering.

    I've generally trusted Tom's hardware

    and they and several other reviewers like the Monoprice Voxel (AKA Flashforge Adventurer 3)

    But shopping for one I can't help but notice dual extruders with much larger printable volumes like the Qidi Tech X pro for only about $70 more.

    Those Voxel endorsing roundup reviews aren't very old. Why doesn't the X Pro blow the Voxel out of the water? I feel as if I am missing something or maybe several somethings.

    thank you so much for any advice!