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Civilized Communication: PolyCast, One More Turn in 2016

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  • Civilized Communication: PolyCast, One More Turn in 2016

    In 2016 under the Civilized Communication banner, Civilization fans can look forward to the ongoing production of three podcasts. More Civ co-operative multiplay is to be had in the sixth season of TurnCast, further exploration of modding in the series on the eighth season of ModCast and greater Civ strategy conversations on the landmark tenth season of PolyCast. Episodes of the latter most are to continue to be recorded live every other Saturday starting at 12PM ET (North America), starting January 9th (timezone converter).

    Meanwhile, efforts to restart the Civ social SCivCast to now focus on the recently released Civilization Online will be ongoing having begun at the end of last year. Elsewise, the dramedy series One More Turn is to record and release its fourth season, the thirteen episodes of which are currently being written. Before that the third season blooper reel and commentary is to be released by January's end.

    Recurring updates on the above efforts are to be summarized in follow-up posts throughout the calendar year. Keep on Civ'in, laughing and living.
    PolyCast Co-Host, Owner and Producer: entertaining | informing civ
    >> PolyCast (Civ strategy), ModCast (Civ modding), TurnCast (Civ multiplay); One More Turn Dramedy