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PolyCast Launches Patreon Campaign

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  • PolyCast Launches Patreon Campaign

    "Greetings. My name is Daniel Quick, though many of you in the Civilization community know me simply as DanQ. Nine years ago I co-founded the bi-weekly podcast PolyCast focusing on Civilization IV game strategy. I am lead co-host, producer and publisher and owner of it as well as the four spin-off podcasts that have been begun since covering additional series titles from Civilization: Revolution to Civilization Online. To date there is nearing 250 hours of content for PolyCast alone. Over this time a growing number of you have contributed and are contributing to PolyCast through feedback and guest appearances: in the case of the latter, nearly 200. I have also had the privilege of working with nine individuals as fellow regular panelists, the current four-person compliment of which has been together for more than three years. This does not even begin to speak to the compositions of ModCast, RevCast, SCivCast and TurnCast -- those spin-offs I aluded to earlier.

    As I hope is evident from the brief account above, PolyCast has been and continues to be a labour of love. On the eve of PolyCast's tenth season, I invite you to consider another means by which you can contribute to the show and its siblings: financial support through Patreon.

    The show has been and will continue to remain free of charge and accessible to all with an Internet connection, as do its siblings. The number of hours required to make these works a reality, and of quality for worthwhile listening, is considerable though from scheduling to production to promotion. PolyCast is a collection of niche content productions that does not make on-show advertising practical or arguably even desirable for anyone involved. Cultivating a group of patrons who commit on a month-to-month basis to this 'virtual tip jar' can help unlock collective achievements, so to speak, as well as access some personal incentives. These donations then not only serve to extend ongoing appreciation for the efforts put into these shows, they also contribute to the advancement of them.

    If you enjoy their content past, present and are looking for a way to help propel them into the future, please consider becoming a PolyCast patron today."
    PolyCast Co-Host, Owner and Producer: entertaining | informing civ
    >> PolyCast (Civ strategy), ModCast (Civ modding), TurnCast (Civ multiplay); One More Turn Dramedy