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Nominate PolyCast for 2013 Podcast Awards: 'Best Produced' and 'Gaming' Categories

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  • Nominate PolyCast for 2013 Podcast Awards: 'Best Produced' and 'Gaming' Categories

    In December of this year PolyCast (PC), a podcast entertaining and information Civilization strategy, will complete its seventh season. Before then, help to see the show become one of the Top 10 nominees in both the "Best Produced" and "Gaming" categories of the 2013 Podcast Awards which is accepting nominations from October 1st until October 15th at 23:59PM Eastern Standard Time (North America) [timezone converter].

    As noted in the rules of the awards process, 40% of each nominated podcast`s review grade comes from the number of nominations received during the two-week nomination period. Therefore, to ensure PolyCast has the best opportunity to be one of the Top 10 nominees to then be voted upon during a 15-day period afterwords itself, as many legitimate nominations need to be submitted for the show now. When nominating, please follow the data below for both the "Best Produced" and "Gaming" categories:

    Podcast Name: PolyCast
    Podcast URL:

    On behalf of the PolyCast team, please do not nominate the show for anymore than the "Best Produced" and "Gaming" categories: the aim is to focus nominations in these categories and these categories alone. Do not submit PolyCast for more than these two categories as that would invalidate your nomination. Further, please use the "Comments or questions" field to help the reviewing team understand why you feel PolyCast is deserving of being nominated in both the "Best Produced" and "Gaming" categories. Be certain to include your name and a valid email address to ensure the verification and in turn validity of your vote.

    PolyCast is a bi-weekly audio production in an ongoing effort to give the Civ community an interactive voice on game strategy. The show was a "Best Produced" nominee in 2008, 2010, 2012 and in "Gaming" from 2008-2010 inclusive. Thanks in advance to all of those who decide to vote for PolyCast in the "Best Produced" and "Gaming" categories for the 2013 Podcast Awards.
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