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Image Verication is hard to see

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  • Image Verication is hard to see

    It took me ten tries to get the image verification image right when registering. I'm not color blind, I'm not blind, I almost never have a problem with the image verification, but I couldn't for the life of me see what the letters were on this site. I was almost about to give up.

    Just figured I'd throw that out there, take it as you will

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    Hi Suby. Welcome to the site.

    Now we know why no one else is joining the site.
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      Image verification is getting harder to see lately at more sites.
      I can't improve the visibility of image verification, unfortunately.

      SpamBots still get through though.
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        If I can't read an image verification normally there is a refresh image button which you can keep hitting until you get one you can read. BTW welcome to Apolyton.
        Try for discussion and debate.


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          Possibly drop it? I don't remember spambots ever being too much of a problem.


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            There are a lot of forum spambots out there now though.
            Try for discussion and debate.


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              Welcome Suby.

              I tried to test the registration process but it accused me of trying to make a DL.


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                Thanks for the welcomes.

                It's not a huge deal, I just figured I'd let you guys know that the images are harder to read on this site then most others. Or at least, I thought so