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  • Server Upgrade?

    Last edited by ZEE; April 22, 2011, 04:26.
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    I actually thought traffic was going down relative to 3 months ago?
    It seems like a lot less posts.

    Unless the alleged increased traffic is due to google indexing spiders... which would be nice in the long-term!
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        Lack of volunteer numbers and time is still a very valid argument. Even if we could find another mechanism for generating income to pay for server costs in addition to advertising and ApolytonPLUS, developing it and maintaining it would require more staff. The same goes for other operations on-site. More income would certainly help, but that would not be enough alone.

        As for the technical status of the server itself, reasons for recent lags are still being investigated. To say investing more money in an upgrade would be the best or better course of action than present is still a bit premature.

        That said, vigilant members of our community who raise these issues such as yourself, Ian, are appreciated as it can generate new and renewed interest and discussion in planning for future growth within today's means.
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          Originally posted by AAHZ View Post
          We've had our current server i believe for over 1 year now with no major announcements as to an upgrade, even to memory. And upgrading the site code will definately strain resources
          Not in the short term at least. We have been running double systems on the current server since Settler III gave up, which sadly did increase the time it took to actually get ready to do the switch. As we are closing down more and more of the legacy system, and transfer content to the upgraded system the load will go down. For instance we no longer have to upgrade all changes made in vB2 to vB3 every hour.

          The reason why we are seeing increased load from time to time is partly related to work done with the forum upgrade (i.e fixing archives, deleting deleted PMs, etc.) and partly due to some configurations made for accessing old content which hasn't been transferred to the new system yet. Accessing those provide a higher server load, then accessing the new system.
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