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  • 8th Birthday Chat Transcript

    Here's the chat transcript of tonight's birthday chat. Nothing of interest happened for the most part, but I'm sure some poor sucker will want to read it The one notable event was that the 7th anniversary contest winners were announced, I marked that portion of the chat so you can skip past the pointless bickering and get to what you've been waiting to hear for over a year now

    Pre-chat banter

    [22:51] * ACS_DanQ has joined #apolyton
    [22:52] <ACS_Illuminatus> Hi
    [22:52] <SG_Apocalypse> hey Dan
    [22:52] <ACS_DanQ> Hi folks.
    [22:52] <ACS_DanQ> Thanks for coming.
    [22:53] * nyrangers_gm has joined #apolyton
    [22:53] <Xan> anyone want to play civ IV warlords on xfire?
    [22:54] <nyrangers_gm> howdy all
    [22:54] * ACS_Locutus sets mode: +o ACS_DanQ
    [22:54] <nyrangers_gm> nice to see lots of people in here
    [22:54] <nyrangers_gm> any games happening
    [22:54] <ACS_Locutus> hey dan
    [22:54] <Xan> Can anyone hear me?
    [22:54] <ACS_DanQ> Hi Locutus, Illuminatus, Apocalypse.
    [22:54] <ACS_Solver> hey Dan
    [22:54] <ACS_DanQ> Hi Solver.
    [22:55] <ACS_Locutus> we can hear you xan, but we're here to chat, not to play civ
    [22:55] <Xan> oh ok
    [22:55] * nyrangers_gm is now known as civil_obedience
    [22:55] <civil_obedience> i'm looking for a game
    [22:56] <ACS_Solver> Wow suddenly there's so many people who want a game
    [22:56] <ACS_Locutus> yeah, I got several requests as well, and I never do MP...
    [22:56] <Xan> Never played it online before.
    [22:57] <civil_obedience> i haven't either actually - played civ 2 a long time ago
    [22:57] <ACS_Solver> Locutus, obviously people want to play with you because you're famous
    [22:57] <civil_obedience> online
    [22:57] <civil_obedience> are some of u joining the Diplogames
    [22:57] <ACS_Locutus> now you're just being silly...
    [22:58] <ACS_Solver> Cheer up
    [22:58] <civil_obedience> Xan - do u have Warlords
    [22:59] <Xan> yep
    [22:59] <civil_obedience> cool cool
    [22:59] <Xan> Its really nice so far
    [22:59] <civil_obedience> i like it as well
    [22:59] <civil_obedience> civ 4 is sweet
    [22:59] <Xan> Im always playing as the vikings
    [22:59] <civil_obedience> i like the greeks
    [23:00] <civil_obedience> it might be easier to do an ip game
    [23:00] <Xan> Maybe. you want a game?
    [23:00] <civil_obedience> looking for one yup
    [23:00] <Xan> PM
    [23:01] * settler has joined #apolyton
    [23:01] * settler has quit IRC (Quit: settler)
    [23:03] <ACS_DanQ> We'll officially start this chat momentarily.
    [23:03] * SG_Apocalypse is now known as Apocalypse
    [23:03] <Apocalypse> enough pretending
    [23:03] <ACS_Locutus> well, my podcast just finished, let the chat begin
    [23:03] <Apocalypse> site has been gone for over 5 years now
    [23:04] <ACS_Locutus> heh, nice timing I see
    [23:04] <ACS_DanQ> Would this be a podcast that most of us might know about, Locutus?
    [23:04] <ACS_Solver> Where do you get such ridicilously long podcasts?
    [23:05] <ACS_Locutus> I dunno, but it's probably not the one you're thinking about
    [23:05] <ACS_Locutus> yeah, I was surprised as well
    [23:06] * ACS_DanQ sets mode: +v ACS_MarkG
    [23:06] <ACS_Locutus> it's a scholastic podcast, sort of a mix of pottercast and mugglecast, the most popular harry potter podcasts. good stuff, though not nearly as good as just pottercast on its own
    [23:06] <ACS_Solver> That would explain the length, Potter fans are notorious for writing long articles, recording long postcasts and making their stuff BIG

    Official Chat

    [23:07] <ACS_DanQ> Well folks, I'll officially start this chat.
    [23:07] <ACS_DanQ> Thanks again to everyone for coming.
    [23:07] <ACS_Solver> At least that's the impression I get
    [23:07] <ACS_DanQ> It's been a very busy year, an exciting year...
    [23:07] <ACS_DanQ> ... and hopefully we'll be able to continue that momentum throughout the rest of 2006 and into 2007.
    [23:07] <ACS_Locutus> well, the books big, what do you expect? but that discussion is for another time right now...
    [23:07] <ACS_DanQ> Rather than spend a lot of time "blah-blahing"...
    [23:07] <ACS_DanQ> ... which I know everyone knows I like to do ...
    [23:07] <ACS_DanQ> ... I will refer you to my "letter from the administration" as part of our 8th birthday feature:
    [23:07] <ACS_DanQ>
    [23:08] <ACS_DanQ> I hope that the formatting of this makes for a more enjoyable read over previous editions that I have written.
    [23:08] <ACS_DanQ> On behalf of Markos, myself and the rest of the ACS staff, your ongoing support and appreciation of our efforts is greatly aprpeciated.
    [23:08] * ACS_DanQ sets mode: +o ACS_Illuminatus
    [23:09] <ACS_DanQ> Of those staff members present, we will be glad to take your questions and inquiries about the site.
    [23:09] * ACS_Solver runs away
    [23:09] * civil_obedience has quit IRC (Quit: )
    [23:09] * ACS_DanQ chases after ACS_Solver, catches him and brings him back by his ear
    [23:09] <ACS_DanQ> I am going to have to 'duck out' for 15 or 20 minutes, but I will return.
    [23:09] <ACS_DanQ> Markos should return shortly (as far as I know).
    [23:10] <ACS_DanQ> I'll be back in a little while, folks. In the meantime, behave yourself. There are a number of other operators on this channel right now, and logging is turned on...
    [23:10] <ACS_DanQ> Oh yes, one more thing... enjoy!
    [23:11] * settler has joined #apolyton
    [23:11] * settler has quit IRC (Quit: settler)
    [23:11] <ACS_Solver> uhh.... APPLAUSE!
    [23:12] <Apocalypse> Dan's from Toronto, right?
    [23:12] <ACS_Locutus> yeah
    [23:12] <ACS_Solver> yep
    [23:13] <Apocalypse> I thought about that while giving blood the other day and apparently they are still scared of SARS there
    [23:13] * ACS_Locutus changes topic to 'Apolyton 8 Years Birthday Chat / 7th Birthday Contest Results Ceremony - CHAT NOW!'
    [23:14] <ACS_Solver> oh the contest
    [23:14] <ACS_Locutus> yeah, I don't know about that, that's Markos's idea. I just copied the title and changed the last bit
    [23:14] * civil_obedience has joined #apolyton
    [23:15] <Xan> test
    [23:15] <ACS_Solver> not that anyone's really here
    [23:16] <ACS_Locutus> indeed, might be the worst birthday chat to date in terms of attendance we should ban everyone who's online on the forums right now but not here
    [23:16] <ACS_Solver> yeah, and the previous chat was the worst in terms of attendance at that point
    [23:16] <ACS_Solver> roughly 20 people iirc
    [23:16] <ACS_Solver> i'll handle the banning
    [23:16] <ACS_Locutus> I wouldn't know about that one, I missed it
    [23:17] <ACS_Locutus> but at least I had a good excuse
    [23:17] <ACS_Solver> a date ?
    [23:17] <ACS_Locutus> well, that would be one, but I didn't have time for those at that time either. I'm sure you remember last summer?
    [23:18] <ACS_Solver> Vividly
    [23:18] <Apocalypse> it would work, they could come to the chat to complain
    [23:18] <ACS_Locutus> you know, mere months before Civ4 was released?
    [23:18] <ACS_Solver> Though I managed to get a date in it now and then
    [23:19] <ACS_Locutus> but you didn't have nearly as much responsibilities as me
    [23:19] <ACS_Solver> Not officially But believe me, some of the last-minute SP testing of a few aspects was driving me up the wall
    [23:19] <ACS_Solver> And the AI
    [23:21] * settler has joined #apolyton
    [23:21] <ACS_Locutus> oh please, you were doing volunteer work together with a 100 other people, I had a contract to abide to and was the only one who could do the job. I was working 120 hour weeks...
    [23:21] * settler has quit IRC (Quit: settler)
    [23:22] <ACS_Solver> It wasn't anywhere near 100 people doing anything actively as you well know... and I took my part seriously. But I do admit that you had significantly more responsibility at the time
    [23:23] <ACS_Locutus> that's not what you were saying just 2 minutes ago
    [23:23] <ACS_Locutus> anyway, anyone got any Warlords war stories to share?
    [23:23] <ACS_Solver> Show me where I said I had more responsibility than you... I said I also had a fair deal of stuff to do, which is true
    [23:24] <ACS_Locutus> 'Not officially'
    [23:25] <ACS_Solver> It wasn't meant that way, it was meant to say that at the time I had no official responsibility, which is true
    [23:25] <ACS_Solver> Stop ganging up on me for once
    [23:26] <ACS_Locutus> how does one gang up on someone on ones own?
    [23:26] <ACS_Solver> You know what I mean
    [23:26] <ACS_Solver> Plus you're as bad as 5 people
    [23:27] * civil has joined #apolyton
    [23:27] <ACS_Locutus> I guess I'll take that as a compliment
    [23:27] <ACS_Solver> Suit yourself
    [23:27] * civil_obedience has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
    [23:30] <ACS_Locutus> so, what's everyone's favourite civ in Warlords? (or Civ4 if you don't have warlords yet?) I gotta say, I've taken a liking to the Zulu, unhistoric as they may be...
    [23:31] * settler has joined #apolyton
    [23:31] * settler has quit IRC (Quit: settler)
    [23:31] <ACS_Solver> I still prefer the Mali myself, my two favorite traits, a good unique unit and building...
    [23:31] <ACS_Solver> But I've grown to like Tokugawa in Warlords. An interesting leader
    [23:31] <ACS_Locutus> Mali are indeed quite nice as well
    [23:31] <ACS_Solver> Plus the Mali have their own Wonder now
    [23:32] <ACS_Locutus> Yeah for Firaxis listening to my incessive whining
    [23:32] <ACS_Solver> Yeah you have a way to make people royally tired of you
    [23:32] <ACS_Locutus> and then make them do what I want
    [23:33] <ACS_Solver> Just to get rid of you
    [23:34] <ACS_Locutus> hey, if that's what it takes to get a better representation for Africa, I'm all for it
    [23:34] <ACS_Solver> And you still oppose the inclusion of Hebrews every time you can
    [23:34] <ACS_Locutus> yup, I'll make sure of that as well, just to annoy you
    [23:34] <ACS_Solver> All I need to be happy is Hebrews and Mayans, but there you go, there's neither
    [23:35] <ACS_Locutus> there's more XPs to come But I'll do whatever I can to keep the Hebrew out, so good luck on that one
    [23:35] <ACS_DanQ> I'm back. To clarify one point: I am not from Toronto (and I live closer to Ottawa).
    [23:36] <ACS_Solver> Well I'll push for as many XPs as we need to get the Hebrews and Mayans in
    [23:36] <ACS_Locutus> that's all the same anyway
    [23:36] * ACS_MarkG is back
    [23:36] <ACS_DanQ> Solver, Locutus -- play nicely.
    [23:36] <ACS_MarkG> hi people sorry for being late
    [23:36] <ACS_Solver> hi Markos
    [23:36] <ACS_DanQ> Hey Markos.
    [23:36] <ACS_Locutus> hey Markos
    [23:36] <ACS_DanQ> You were late?
    [23:36] <ACS_DanQ>
    [23:36] <ACS_MarkG> so, what's up?
    [23:37] <ACS_Solver> You know, Locutus, I've got to include you in some scenario as a particularly annoying unit
    [23:37] <ACS_DanQ> Well, I was away for a bit and came back about a minute ago.
    [23:37] <ACS_Locutus> anything for an extra bit of fame
    [23:37] <ACS_DanQ> Based on the log of this chat so far, the highlight was Solver and Locutus fighting.
    [23:37] <ACS_MarkG> lol
    [23:37] <ACS_Solver> Oh, that's absolutely regular stuff
    [23:38] <ACS_Solver> Just be glad that 95% of our fights don't happen publically
    [23:38] <ACS_Locutus> welll, that's not too surprising, considering that's been pretty much the only thing that's happened
    [23:38] <ACS_Solver> Yeah what do you want with a 13 people chatroom where six of the members are staff
    [23:38] <ACS_MarkG> wll i hope the contest remakr on the title would grab people's attention
    [23:38] <ACS_Solver> Hey, at least we've got a new record!
    [23:38] <ACS_Locutus> and only two of whom are active
    [23:38] <ACS_Solver> yes Markos, particularly when no one even seems to know that chat is on
    [23:40] <ACS_Locutus> yeah, we need to fire the guy in charge of our PR
    [23:40] <ACS_MarkG> or we could keep him and just stop paying his wages!
    [23:40] * civil has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
    [23:41] <ACS_Solver> Markos, you're fired
    [23:41] * settler has joined #apolyton
    [23:41] * settler has quit IRC (Quit: settler)
    [23:41] <ACS_Locutus> let's see, 0% of nothing, subtract nothing, hmm, I wonder what that would work out to...
    [23:41] <ACS_DanQ> No questions for any staff member so far it seems. We must be damned efficient in responding to all inquiries then.
    [23:41] <ACS_MarkG> indeed
    [23:41] <ACS_Solver>
    [23:41] <ACS_Locutus> or there's just noone here and we're all talking to ourselves
    [23:42] <ACS_MarkG> anybody wants to learn anything about me or should i start with the contest results?
    [23:42] <ACS_DanQ> OK Solver, you officially win that fight you and Locutus were having.
    [23:42] <ACS_Solver> What's your favorite brand of coffee ?
    [23:42] <ACS_Gramphos> Have I missed anything? Just had some food by Solver's suggestion.
    [23:42] <ACS_Solver> Ha Locutus, take that And thanks Dan
    [23:42] <ACS_Solver> Gramphos - wow. That was, like, over an hour ago?
    [23:42] <ACS_DanQ> Hi Gramphos.
    [23:42] * civil_obedience has joined #apolyton
    [23:42] <ACS_MarkG> solver, nescafe
    [23:42] <ACS_DanQ> Solver: I don't drink coffee.
    [23:43] <ACS_Solver> Mind you, I'm still planning for another trip to the kitchen, damn hungry today
    [23:43] <ACS_Gramphos> Well, I didn't say it was light food.
    [23:43] <ACS_Solver> Dan, you don't? Then how do you manage to keep Apolyton running ?
    [23:43] <ACS_Locutus> yay, another staff member to help us talk to ourselves!
    [23:43] <ACS_Solver> I propose that we delete the staff forum and move it to IRC
    [23:43] <Apocalypse> I had a sandwich too...found some bread to go with peanut butter
    [23:43] <ACS_DanQ> Or tea. When I did cola, it's caffenine free.
    [23:43] <ACS_DanQ> heh heh, I mean drink cola.
    [23:44] <Apocalypse> caffenine free? why?
    [23:44] <ACS_Solver> Apoc: nice try in the OTF
    [23:44] <ACS_DanQ> Hi again Apocalypse. See Locutus, we're not talking to ourselves!
    [23:44] <ACS_Solver> I also propose we award Apocalypse a free lifetime PLUS subscription for being the only active non-staffmember in this chat
    [23:45] <Apocalypse> yay
    [23:45] <ACS_DanQ> To answer your question, a big part of the reason is because I used to be quite addicted to it through cola. It got to the point where if I didn't have enough in my system, I would get severe headaches.
    [23:45] <ACS_Locutus> I just finished some lovely pork slices and some red cabbage, now i'm starting on some ice cream. at 23:45 in the evening...
    [23:45] <Apocalypse> cola or just the caffenine?
    [23:45] <Apocalypse> caffeine even
    [23:45] <ACS_DanQ> Solver? That fight we were talking about? Yeah... Locutus wins now.
    [23:45] <ACS_Locutus> Apoc is ex-staff though
    [23:46] <ACS_DanQ> Just the caffenine.
    [23:46] <Apocalypse> yeah, I'm addicted to caffeine myself
    [23:46] <ACS_Solver> I'm going to get some boiled eggs or somesuch in a minute
    [23:46] <Apocalypse> I have gotten away from the addiction before but decided to go back because I decided it wasn't really improving my life much to not have it
    [23:46] <Apocalypse> I get headaches without it though
    [23:47] <ACS_Locutus> I usually avoid caffeine if I can, in my experience that makes it all that much more effective when you really need it
    [23:47] <Apocalypse> during my camp I just got back from, I used a coffee pouch kinda like a dip so I woudn't have to deal with withdraw
    [23:47] <ACS_DanQ> On rare occasions I will drink regular cola... otherwise, diet. Sugar was/is bad headache-wise too (and on the calorie intake).
    [23:48] <Apocalypse> yeah, I typically go for diet just because I really don't care about the taste, only the caffeine
    [23:48] <ACS_MarkG> so why did loc and solv fight?
    [23:48] <ACS_DanQ> It was about the CivIV beta test, who was doing more work and the like.
    [23:48] <ACS_Locutus> a better question would be why don't we fight?
    [23:48] <ACS_Gramphos> Does anyone have a link to the current Dr Spike contet thread?
    [23:49] <ACS_DanQ> Now you've gone and lit the fire again. You can put it out this time...
    [23:49] <ACS_MarkG> it's certain i did more work for civ4!
    [23:49] <Apocalypse> with this cola conversation I intially thought Spike = Sprite and Dr was for Dr Pepper and for some reason they were just combined
    [23:49] <ACS_DanQ>
    [23:50] <Apocalypse> I need to reinstall Civ4 now
    [23:50] <ACS_Locutus> markos, don't even start, you'll just embarass yourself. solver and I are experts at fighting with each other, you'll just look silly in comparison
    [23:50] <ACS_DanQ> To answer your question, Gramphos, no I don't.
    [23:50] <Apocalypse> I really haven't played it aside from the OCC since my laptop is just old as hell
    [23:51] * settler has joined #apolyton
    [23:51] * settler has quit IRC (Quit: settler)
    [23:51] <ACS_DanQ> I think at some point I should post a picture of myself back in, say, 2001. I wasn't addicted to caffenine anymore, but I wasn't following a healthy lifestyle.
    [23:52] <ACS_DanQ> Heck, back in that "match the picture to the handle" contest -- I think it was in '99...
    [23:52] <ACS_DanQ> ... I remember someone labelling my picture "Fatty No. 2". True as it was, I showed remarkable restraint by not banning their a$$.
    [23:53] <Apocalypse> I'm waiting for a friend of mine to hurry up and post some new pics of me and others on Facebook
    [23:53] <ACS_DanQ> Any site-related questions anyone? This is the Apolyton birthday chat after all.
    [23:54] <ACS_Locutus> when are we gonna hire better PR staff so that we would actually have people in here asking questions?
    [23:55] <ACS_Solver> You can ask some questions too
    [23:55] <ACS_Solver> See, mine about coffee produced discussion
    [23:55] <ACS_Locutus> I just did
    [23:55] <ACS_Gramphos> Are you offering yourself?
    [23:55] <ACS_Solver> Markos may make someone a volunteer
    [23:55] <ACS_DanQ> Yes, are you volunteering Locutus?
    [23:56] <ACS_Locutus> I have enough work to do on XP2
    [23:56] <ACS_Solver> Dan, you still haven't learnt to say "Thanks for volunteering!" without asking "Are you volunteering?" first
    [23:56] <ACS_Locutus> indeed, Markos's definition of volunteering is much better for getting things done
    [23:56] <ACS_DanQ> I was testing Locutus' intelligence, Solver. I believe he passed.
    [23:57] <ACS_Locutus> I've been around, learned dodging you guys years ago
    [23:57] <ACS_Solver> Speaking of XP2, rumour has it, Giant Death Robots still aren't in...
    [23:58] <ACS_Locutus> NO! The outrage!!!
    [23:58] <ACS_Gramphos>
    [23:58] <ACS_Solver> Need to email Soren about that, eh?
    [23:58] <ACS_Locutus> we shall have to kidnap Alex and Jon and not let them go until they promise to include them
    [23:58] <ACS_DanQ> All right. Solver, Locutus: that fight you two had earlier? As improbable as it may seem, I'm now quite certain I won it somehow.
    [23:59] <ACS_Solver> I know how to deal with Trip, you make him play CtP 1 on a Pentium 166, he'll give in within an hour
    [00:00] <Apocalypse> Trip reminded me of a younger YYYH back in the day
    [00:00] <ACS_DanQ> Solver: having heard your threat, am I going to have to stand witness at your trial when you follow through with it now?
    [00:00] <ACS_Locutus> Pentium 166? why is that so bad, it'll run just as smoothly as on a pentium 4 on that
    [00:00] <ACS_Solver> Dan, surely not, you'll be an accomplice, not a witness
    [00:01] <ACS_Locutus> anything to get Giant Death Robots in Civ4
    [00:01] * settler has joined #apolyton
    [00:01] * settler has quit IRC (Quit: settler)
    [00:01] <ACS_DanQ> You'd better have some darn good intel to exchange
    [00:01] <ACS_Solver> Hm, maybe. I recall struggling with something on my Pentium 166 back in the day
    [00:01] <ACS_Solver> Dan: I know Soren's preferred pizza flavour!
    [00:01] <ACS_DanQ> I have never had a P166 -- a P120, yes.
    [00:01] <ACS_Gramphos> If you really want to torture someone: Make him play Theme park on a Pentium 4. That should be really fast.
    [00:01] <Apocalypse> I had a P150 had played SMAC on
    [00:01] <ACS_Locutus> civ3 probably, that was one big black hole for your memory...
    [00:02] <ACS_Gramphos> You would probably have to hit the lower speed button a million times to make it playable.
    [00:02] <ACS_DanQ> And what will we do with that intel, Solver? Order a pizza on Papa John's website in Soren's name? )
    [00:02] <ACS_Solver> Hm, did Civ3 even run on a P166?
    [00:02] <Apocalypse> nope
    [00:02] <ACS_Solver> No, we'll conjure a plan to make Soren pay for our pizza deliveries, muwahaaa!
    [00:03] <ACS_Solver> Surely everyone realizes that pizza is why I joined the team in the first place
    [00:03] <Apocalypse> one fun thing to do...
    [00:03] <Apocalypse> Order the 5-5-5 deal from Dominos some evening
    [00:03] <ACS_Locutus> I bet you could get some good chipotles though
    [00:04] <Apocalypse> and then you have 3 pizzas for Supper, Breakfast, and then Lunch
    [00:04] <ACS_Solver> Don't forget the sheep
    [00:04] <Apocalypse> you are good to go for a day
    [00:04] * MMC has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
    [00:04] <ACS_DanQ> I had a Papa John's while I was @ ApolyCon '06 (the day I arrived... the day before anyone else from the Con was there).
    [00:04] <ACS_Locutus> I like pizza, but I don't like it that much...
    [00:06] <ACS_Locutus> I'll have a proper Italian pizza over any of that factory-made American crap any day though...
    [00:06] <ACS_MarkG> hey loc i'm flying to maastricht tomorrow and there is a proposal to spend the weekend in amsterdam
    [00:06] <ACS_Solver> Yarr, American pizza apparently sucks
    [00:06] * ACS_Illuminatus dies out of boredom
    [00:06] * ACS_Illuminatus has quit IRC (Quit: )
    [00:06] <ACS_DanQ>
    [00:07] <ACS_Locutus> hmmm, well if that works out lemme know, I think I could get to Amsterdam this weekend... should let Zop know as well, haven't seen him in a while either...
    [00:09] <Apocalypse> I might try to organize an Austin Polymeet this weekend
    [00:09] <Apocalypse> since I am going there anyway
    [00:10] <ACS_Locutus> any time you're traveling you better have a damn good excuse not to try and set up a polymeet
    [00:10] <ACS_DanQ> Don't forget to take and post some pics/videos at any and all meets you're at, folks e.g. at a/the "meal".
    [00:11] <ACS_Solver> How about if you travel to locations with zero Apolytoners ?
    [00:11] * settler has joined #apolyton
    [00:11] * settler has quit IRC (Quit: settler)
    [00:11] * civil_obedience has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
    [00:11] <ACS_Locutus> then you shouldn't be going there in the first place
    [00:12] <ACS_DanQ> Well, it looks as though there are no Apolyton-related inquiries, so I believe I will set the official end of this chat in motion. Before I do so, any words Gramphos/Locutus/Solver?
    [00:12] <ACS_DanQ> (even if just to refer to your own public Staff View )
    [00:12] <ACS_Locutus> I might combine it with a visit to one of the museums, so I'll bring my camera anyway...

    Contest Results

    [00:12] <ACS_MarkG> dont officially end it just yet, let me announce the results first
    [00:12] <ACS_Locutus> I can do that
    [00:12] <ACS_Solver> how many people here care if it's officially over or not
    [00:13] <ACS_Locutus> considering there's noone here, noone
    [00:13] <ACS_DanQ> If that didn't get you to speak up, Markos, I didn't know what would...
    [00:13] <ACS_MarkG>
    [00:13] <ACS_Locutus> yeah, we're all anxious to find out, not like we've all seen the results in the staff room yet
    [00:14] <ACS_MarkG> #10 .... drum roll
    [00:14] <ACS_Solver> yep, i'm also drooling in impatience
    [00:14] <ACS_DanQ> Makey with the announcey.
    [00:14] <Apocalypse> it's still early anyway....peoplep might roll in from work later on
    [00:14] * ACS_Locutus rolls drum
    [00:14] <ACS_MarkG> Tuberski!
    [00:14] <ACS_Solver> by which time the european stuff will be gone
    [00:14] <ACS_Solver> ACK!
    [00:14] * ACS_DanQ clangs symbol
    [00:14] <ACS_MarkG> #9....
    [00:15] <ACS_Locutus> who will be fighting with his wife over who gets the prize
    [00:15] * ACS_DanQ picks up Locutus' drum
    [00:15] * ACS_Locutus rolls drum
    [00:15] <ACS_DanQ>
    [00:15] <ACS_MarkG> Spiffor!
    [00:15] <ACS_Locutus> I can drum with or without equipment
    [00:15] <ACS_MarkG> #8....
    [00:15] <ACS_Locutus> what? the FRENCH guy?!
    [00:15] <ACS_Locutus>
    [00:15] * ACS_Locutus rolls drum again
    [00:16] <ACS_MarkG> H Tower
    [00:16] * ACS_Gramphos issues a beep
    [00:16] * ACS_DanQ gives Locutus the evil eye
    [00:16] <ACS_MarkG> #7....
    [00:16] <ACS_MarkG> CyberShy!
    [00:16] * ACS_Locutus gives DanQ a cheeky look
    [00:16] <ACS_MarkG> all of the above get 3 months of plus
    [00:17] * ACS_DanQ surprised that Gramphos would swear )
    [00:17] <ACS_Locutus> yay! Hup, Holland Hup! Laat the leeuw niet in z'n hempie staan!
    [00:17] * ACS_DanQ starts a round of applause
    [00:17] <ACS_MarkG> and now please welcome greek playmate of 2006 who will give out the #6 prize
    [00:17] <ACS_Solver>
    [00:18] <ACS_Locutus> bah, I don't like hairy women
    [00:18] * ACS_DanQ nearly snorts his diet cola
    [00:18] <ACS_MarkG>
    [00:18] <ACS_Solver> i'm afraid this will kill any chance of future chats happening
    [00:18] * ACS_MarkG tries really hard not to post any greek playmate photos as this is a family chat room ....
    [00:18] <ACS_MarkG> #6.....
    [00:19] <ACS_MarkG> Zoid
    [00:19] * Will9 has joined #apolyton
    [00:19] <ACS_Solver> it's a staff chat room, not family
    [00:19] <ACS_Solver> URRRAAA TOVARISHI! We have a person in here!
    [00:19] <ACS_Locutus> ouch, you let a greek babe give a prize to a swedish guy? that's like an insult
    [00:20] <ACS_DanQ> Hi Will9. You've arrived just as we're about to announce #5-1 of the 7th birthday contest results.
    [00:20] <ACS_Locutus> just for you and apoc, 'cuz everyone else is staff so already knows anyway
    [00:20] <ACS_DanQ> #10-6 have just been disclosed publicly for the first time -- but don't worry! It will be repeated on-site laterer/soon.
    [00:20] <ACS_Solver> And Apoc is away
    [00:20] <ACS_DanQ> OK, #6...
    [00:20] <ACS_MarkG> #5.....
    [00:20] <ACS_DanQ> Whoops. #5!
    [00:20] * ACS_Locutus rolls drum again
    [00:20] <ACS_MarkG> Maniac!
    [00:21] * settler has joined #apolyton
    [00:21] * settler has quit IRC (Quit: settler)
    [00:21] <ACS_MarkG> i'm happy to say that all but one of the winners are not plus users
    [00:21] <ACS_MarkG> #4......
    [00:21] <ACS_Locutus> booh! we can't have any belgians winning anything, especially not if they're higher up than the dutch guys. that's like one of the laws of phycics
    [00:21] * ACS_DanQ suddenly suddenly gets a song in his head...
    [00:21] <ACS_MarkG> Ambulance Chase
    [00:22] <ACS_Locutus> all I can say here is: who?
    [00:22] <Apocalypse> I'm not away
    [00:22] <ACS_DanQ> #3?
    [00:23] <ACS_Locutus> the guy has a postcount of a whole 1, yet wins the contest of who knows most about Apolyton. tells you something about our deities, doesn't it?
    [00:23] <ACS_MarkG> Ambulance Chase is an amazing winner, indeed
    [00:23] <ACS_MarkG> he's registered in 2002 though!
    [00:23] <ACS_MarkG> power of the lurker!
    [00:23] <ACS_Locutus> lurker power
    [00:23] <ACS_DanQ> The power of the lurkers!
    [00:23] <ACS_MarkG> places 6-4 got 6 months
    [00:23] <ACS_DanQ> OK, that was freaky. And no, this is not an AoN reference.
    [00:24] <ACS_MarkG> #3......
    [00:24] <ACS_Gramphos> does he have any OT-posts?
    [00:24] <ACS_MarkG> no clue, didnt search
    [00:24] * ACS_Locutus rolls drum a little harder now
    [00:24] <ACS_MarkG> Skanky Burns!!
    [00:24] <ACS_DanQ> What's an OT post? )
    [00:24] <ACS_Locutus> it's all his fault!
    [00:24] <ACS_Gramphos> cast to void
    [00:25] <ACS_MarkG> wins 1 year of plus
    [00:25] <ACS_MarkG> #2....
    [00:25] * OzzyKP has joined #apolyton
    [00:25] <ACS_MarkG> Immortal Wombat!!
    [00:25] * ACS_Locutus rolls drums even harder now
    [00:25] <ACS_Locutus> too late
    [00:25] <OzzyKP> just in time!
    [00:25] <ACS_Locutus> woot! what did he won?
    [00:25] <ACS_MarkG> 1 year too
    [00:25] <ACS_Locutus> too bad he's no longer on the site then...
    [00:26] <Apocalypse> he'll come back
    [00:26] <OzzyKP> 1 year of Plus membership dated from last August?
    [00:26] <ACS_Locutus> I dunno, if civ4 can't draw him back...
    [00:26] <ACS_DanQ> Hi OzzyKP. You're the first official ApolyCon registrant to join us this evening.
    [00:26] <OzzyKP>
    [00:26] <ACS_Locutus> hey, Ozzy figured out how we can give out so many prizes
    [00:26] <ACS_DanQ> No, we'll date the subscription starting this month.
    [00:26] <ACS_MarkG> are you in contact with him loc?
    [00:26] <Apocalypse> I would have gone to ApolyCon, but I had to go to that camp...I tried to change my date, but couldn't
    [00:27] <ACS_MarkG> computer camp?
    [00:27] <ACS_Locutus> not really anymore, though I might still have him on my MSN contact list somewhere...
    [00:27] <OzzyKP> fat camp?
    [00:27] <Apocalypse> no, for the army
    [00:27] <ACS_DanQ> Based on the feedback, Apoc, it should only be a matter of when not if there is another.
    [00:27] <ACS_MarkG> army sucks
    [00:28] <ACS_Locutus> whaddayaknow, he's online now...
    [00:28] <Apocalypse> I got some good evaluations though...things other than just "potential"
    [00:28] <ACS_MarkG> tell him the news then!
    [00:28] <ACS_Gramphos> Armies in Civ3 are quite powerful actually,if used right
    [00:28] <ACS_Locutus> you think he'll remember what Apolyton is?
    [00:28] <OzzyKP> so should we all swear to secrecy?
    [00:28] <OzzyKP> and lord it over the others?
    [00:28] <ACS_MarkG> hopefull
    [00:28] <ACS_Locutus> or that he ever partook in a contest about two decades ago
    [00:28] <ACS_DanQ> Well, he remembers the address Loc so...
    [00:29] <OzzyKP> btw, can everyone see this? i keep getting some message about an unregistered copy whenever i post.
    [00:29] <ACS_MarkG> we read you loud and clear ozzy
    [00:29] <ACS_Locutus> that's what you get for using Markos's crappy java chat
    [00:29] <ACS_DanQ> Markos may try to encourage me to "give you" some more time to playtest CivIV, Locutus...
    [00:29] <Apocalypse> happens when you use the java chat
    [00:30] <ACS_MarkG> so....
    [00:30] <OzzyKP> yea i know, i can't get IRC to work on Trillian for some reason
    [00:30] <ACS_MarkG> #1....
    [00:30] * ACS_Locutus rolls drums really loudly now...
    [00:30] <ACS_MarkG> winner of a lifetime plus subscription
    [00:30] <ACS_MarkG> any bets?
    [00:30] <ACS_DanQ> (I recommend mIRC, Ozzy.)
    [00:30] * ACS_DanQ joins Locutus...
    [00:30] <ACS_Locutus> sure, what do you want to bet for?
    [00:30] <ACS_MarkG> 2 months of plus
    [00:30] <ACS_DanQ> MarkG's Mother?
    [00:30] <ACS_DanQ>
    [00:31] <ACS_MarkG> LOL
    [00:31] <OzzyKP> (yea i know,i've got it somewhere, but i rarely if ever use IRC anymore)
    [00:31] <ACS_Locutus> I already have life
    [00:31] * settler has joined #apolyton
    [00:31] * settler has quit IRC (Quit: settler)
    [00:31] <ACS_MarkG> damn
    [00:31] <ACS_MarkG> ok
    [00:31] <ACS_MarkG> ok
    [00:31] <ACS_MarkG> 3
    [00:31] <ACS_MarkG> 2
    [00:31] <ACS_MarkG> 1
    [00:31] <ACS_MarkG> Jonny
    [00:31] <ACS_MarkG> !!
    [00:32] <OzzyKP> who?
    [00:32] * ACS_DanQ begins round of thunderous applause
    [00:32] <ACS_Locutus> woohoo! congrats Jonny, even though I don't know you
    [00:32] <ACS_MarkG> if you ask "Jonny who?", Jonny is a 5-years emperor who seems to
    [00:32] <ACS_MarkG> spend a lot of time in the Other Games forum
    [00:32] <ACS_Solver> (spam)
    [00:32] <ACS_Locutus> so a spammer then... :P
    [00:33] <ACS_Solver> crap, Locutus is in agreement with me!
    [00:33] <ACS_Locutus> now, that's scary...
    [00:33] <ACS_DanQ> I believe Settler III just imploded. Great job guys.
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    (Forum software doesn't like the the smilies in this post so I had to disable them)

    Contest reactions and end of chat

    [00:34] <ACS_Gramphos> There got to be someting you can fight about.
    [00:34] <OzzyKP> haven't you guys upgraded to warlord or monarch yet?
    [00:34] <OzzyKP> still on settler... should be ashamed....
    [00:35] <OzzyKP> *cough* this thing on?
    [00:35] <ACS_Locutus> hey, at least we got a difficulty level in the game named after us
    [00:35] <Will9> We finally know (finally for everybody, but me. I found out about the contest yesterday)
    [00:35] <ACS_DanQ> For a moment I thought you were talking about CivIV difficulty levels, Ozzy.
    [00:35] <OzzyKP> so wait, is it IW or Jonny who won?
    [00:35] <ACS_DanQ> Jonny
    [00:36] <ACS_DanQ> IW was second.
    [00:36] <OzzyKP> ah, ok
    [00:36] <ACS_Solver> Hey Locutus, too long without you making a remark about me!
    [00:36] <ACS_DanQ> As for "upgrading"... if/when we move away from ev1Solutions, we'll change the 'title'. Otherwise, it's just a direct line of descendants.
    [00:37] <ACS_Locutus> IW is mildly amused by the fact that he won a year long free subscription for a site he hasn't visited in 8 months. he's even more amused by the fact that this is only being announced a year after the contest took place
    [00:38] <Apocalypse> oh you guys use ev1?
    [00:38] <ACS_Locutus> solver, you suck. happy now?
    [00:38] <ACS_Solver> Nah, I'm used for something much more elaborate
    [00:38] * IW has joined #apolyton
    [00:38] <ACS_Locutus> LOL
    [00:38] * Saras has joined #apolyton
    [00:38] <Apocalypse> hey!
    [00:38] <ACS_Locutus> hi, IW
    [00:38] <Saras> pingg
    [00:38] <ACS_Solver> And if you displease me, I'l send you pics of te Greek playmate!
    [00:38] <ACS_Locutus> and Saras
    [00:38] <ACS_Solver> IW! Hey
    [00:39] <IW> so... apparently there's a chat going on
    [00:39] * Xan has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
    [00:39] <ACS_Solver> And labas dienas
    [00:39] <Saras> ya
    [00:39] <Saras> Laba Diena
    [00:39] <Saras> drop the 's''s
    [00:39] <ACS_Locutus> okay, you suck so badly Saras was forced into this room all the way from Lithuania
    [00:39] <Saras> **** off im drunk
    [00:39] <Saras>
    [00:39] <ACS_Locutus> (that was re: Solver)
    [00:39] <ACS_Solver> I love you too Wouter
    [00:40] <Saras> bdkgba;sfkbg
    [00:40] <ACS_Locutus> You ask, I provide
    [00:40] <ACS_DanQ> Yes, Apoc, we use ev1. When we started out with them they were still RackShack.
    [00:40] <ACS_Solver> Dan, have we had drunk people at birthday chats before ?
    [00:40] <ACS_DanQ> Hey IW.
    [00:40] <ACS_Solver> Okay, Loc, I ask for pizza. Provide me!
    [00:40] <IW> Hi Dan
    [00:40] <ACS_DanQ> I think so.
    [00:40] <ACS_DanQ> With some users, I'm not sure how I'd tell the difference...
    [00:41] <Saras> you just wont believe. a college mate of my colleague from Tallinn is in town, and my frind from tallinnn he aske me to keep him compay
    [00:41] * settler has joined #apolyton
    [00:41] * settler has quit IRC (Quit: settler)
    [00:41] <ACS_DanQ> Hi Saras.
    [00:41] <Saras> and that dude hes been traveling for 11 months
    [00:41] <ACS_Solver> from Tallin to Vilnius ?
    [00:41] <Saras> been to antarctica
    [00:41] <Saras> great wall
    [00:41] <Saras> pyramids
    [00:41] <ACS_Locutus> I can have one sent over right now, but by the time it gets to you in 5 weeks it might be a tad cold
    [00:41] <Saras> the ****
    [00:42] <ACS_DanQ> Language, Saras!
    [00:42] <Saras> im drunk
    [00:42] <Saras> sod off
    [00:42] <ACS_DanQ>
    [00:42] <Saras>
    [00:42] <Saras> i have a licence
    [00:42] <Saras> wtf are thse messages of unregistered copy
    [00:42] <ACS_DanQ> That's the wrong answer.
    [00:43] <ACS_Locutus> ah, another java sucker
    [00:43] <ACS_DanQ> Ah, another Java chat user.
    [00:43] <Saras> gimme edumacation
    [00:43] <ACS_Locutus> so, IW, tried Civ4 yet?
    [00:43] <ACS_Solver> Markos's evil...
    [00:43] <ACS_Locutus> ... and more importantly, lazy
    [00:43] <ACS_DanQ> Saras: I recommend using mIRC.
    [00:43] <ACS_Solver> IW finally made it into the Poly HoF at least, woo hoo!
    [00:43] <ACS_Solver> Damn right! We grunts have been doing all the work all this time!
    [00:44] <ACS_Solver> And just check how much Markos worked on Civ4
    [00:44] <ACS_Locutus> he just has a really efficient way of finding volunteers
    [00:44] <Saras> mirc what is that
    [00:44] <Apocalypse>
    [00:44] <IW> Not since beta build 46 or so
    [00:45] <IW>
    [00:45] <Apocalypse> mIRC is a chat program made by a guy who wanted some money for a nose job
    [00:45] <ACS_Solver> Man, IW, you need to play it
    [00:45] <ACS_Solver> Dan, PM...
    [00:46] <IW> yeah, I know
    [00:46] <ACS_Locutus> wow, that's a LOOONG time ago... didn't even have proper graphics back then...
    [00:46] <ACS_Gramphos> I don't think many ways of the army arr efficicient, but the finding volunteers way is.
    [00:46] <ACS_Solver> Forget graphics, it didn't have an AI back then
    [00:46] <ACS_MarkG> actually loc, IW's (hi there!) profile says he last visited in may
    [00:46] <IW> but if I start playing, I'll only start modding, and then another five years will be gone
    [00:46] <ACS_Locutus> 2005?
    [00:46] <ACS_Solver> Well such is the life of a civver
    [00:46] <IW> 2006
    [00:46] <IW> didn't post though, I think
    [00:47] * ACS_DanQ will call up Solver's PM as soon as he can -- is on backup dial-up as his wireless access has been down for nearly 24hrs now.
    [00:47] <IW> I could log in and check, but I'm doing so well
    [00:47] <ACS_Solver> Dial-up? My condolences, man!
    [00:47] <ACS_Solver> Come on IW, you need to feed the addiction
    [00:47] <Saras> i'll go for a smoke
    [00:47] <Saras> now
    [00:47] <Saras> bleh
    [00:48] <ACS_Locutus> Immortal Wombat, Last Post: 18-12-2005 02:12 A Cup of Real Ultimae Power!
    [00:49] <ACS_DanQ> Thanks, Solver. I'm feeling sorry for myself as well! At least it's been reliable for me for some time.
    [00:49] * ACS_Solver has flashbacks to the time of visiting Apolyton on dial-up
    [00:49] <Saras> yea
    [00:49] <Saras> well
    [00:49] <Saras> going to sllep
    [00:49] <ACS_Solver> wise decision
    [00:50] <ACS_DanQ> TTYL Saras
    [00:50] <Saras> im not really adding much to this clever discussion anayway
    [00:50] * Apocalypse flashbacks to the time of visiting Apolyton not only on dial-up, but 14.4k dial-up
    [00:50] <ACS_Locutus> heh, I switched out of that to something better REAL fast, I don't even think I ever visited Apolyton on dialup...
    [00:50] * Saras has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
    [00:50] <ACS_Solver> Lucky you. Back when I registered, didn't even really have anything else in the entire country
    [00:50] <ACS_Locutus> well, barring the vacations to Thailand and Egypt and such where they didn't have anything better...
    [00:50] <ACS_Solver> Universities were just about the only place with decent Net
    [00:51] * settler has joined #apolyton
    [00:51] * settler has quit IRC (Quit: settler)
    [00:51] <Apocalypse> Dan, can you just leach off of wireless from a neighbor?
    [00:51] <OzzyKP> that's what i do!
    [00:51] <Apocalypse> I did that all last summer
    [00:51] <ACS_DanQ> Leach? I'm Canadian, remember?
    [00:52] <ACS_Locutus> well, you've been leaching off the US for the past 50 years then, makes sense ;p
    [00:52] <ACS_DanQ> There's no one near close enough to me with wireless to do so, even if I wanted to (which I wouldn't ).
    [00:53] <Will9> leaving dinner now. bye everyone
    [00:53] * Will9 has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
    [00:53] <ACS_DanQ> TTYL Will9
    [00:54] <ACS_DanQ> I'm going to 'officially' end this chat at 7PM EST (~5 minutes), so "get in" your Apolyton questions now for 'live' answers.
    [00:55] <ACS_Locutus> yeah, 'cuz we got so many questions in the past two hours
    [00:55] <ACS_Solver> Question to Locutus: which year are you going to marry ?
    [00:55] <ACS_Locutus> I'm already married, to Firaxis
    [00:56] <ACS_Gramphos> When will you mave together then?
    [00:56] <ACS_DanQ> I thought you were already married to Apolyton? Cheater.
    [00:56] <ACS_Solver> Other than that I meant, your second wife
    [00:56] <ACS_Locutus> If I do anymore games my head's gonna explode...
    [00:56] <ACS_Locutus> after I finished my studies probably
    [00:56] <ACS_Solver> You know, getting involved with Firaxis is a good way to stop your SO from complaining about the Civ addiction you have
    [00:56] <ACS_Locutus> I'm a polygamist
    [00:57] <ACS_Solver> Firaxis + Apolyton + woman + pizza =
    [00:57] <ACS_Locutus> between Firaxis and Apolyton, I have enough wifes for a while
    [00:57] * mrmitchell has joined #apolyton
    [00:58] <ACS_DanQ> Hey mrmitchell.
    [00:59] <ACS_MarkG> what do women have to do with u solver?
    [00:59] <ACS_Gramphos> I sould get to bet before dawn, so night all.
    [00:59] <ACS_Solver> take a guess Markos
    [00:59] <ACS_DanQ> Burn!
    [00:59] <ACS_Solver> Night Gramphos!
    [00:59] <ACS_DanQ> Night, Gramphos.
    [00:59] <ACS_Locutus> CU Gramphos...
    [00:59] * ACS_Gramphos has left #apolyton
    [00:59] <mrmitchell> night gramphos
    [01:00] <ACS_DanQ> I'm just about to officially close this chat, Markos. Want to do the closing? I made the introductory remarks.
    [01:00] <ACS_Solver> In the name of the couple of Locutus and Firaxis, this chat is hereby closed, which matters not, given how it's still staff doing most of the talking
    [01:00] <ACS_Solver> Something like that ?
    [01:01] * settler has joined #apolyton
    [01:01] * settler has quit IRC (Quit: settler)
    [01:02] <ACS_Locutus> I think a silly Colloportus spell will do...
    [01:02] * ACS_DanQ wishes Solver had a drum he could take away like Locutus did
    [01:02] <ACS_Locutus> or have I been listening to too much HP podcasts now?
    [01:02] <ACS_Solver> You probably have, I wouldn't have remembered the name
    [01:02] * ACS_Locutus rolls a drum
    [01:03] * ACS_DanQ wonders where Locutus keeps getting all those drums from
    [01:03] <ACS_Locutus> I admit a quick visit to the HP Lexicon was involved
    [01:03] <ACS_Solver>
    [01:04] <ACS_Locutus> I got more where those came from a simple Accio spell is all I need
    [01:04] <ACS_Locutus> (and I didn't need the Lexicon for that one )
    [01:04] <ACS_DanQ> Looks like Markos is NA at the moment, so I hereby officialy close this chat. Thanks to everyone for participating. You're all weclome to stay, and for more to join.
    [01:04] * ACS_Locutus draws his wands and yells: "Colloportus!"
    [01:05] * ACS_DanQ worries about Locutus' state of mind...
    [01:05] * ACS_Solver points at Locutus and shouts "Nerd!!"
    [01:05] * MMC has joined #apolyton
    [01:06] <ACS_Locutus> hey, I'm a nerd and I wear it with pride
    [01:06] <ACS_DanQ> I need to depart, folks, in part because of the dial-up hours I'm using up. Darn wireless not working still -- there was a bad thunderstorm here last night, so I understand the problem to begin with, but still...
    [01:06] <ACS_DanQ> OK, tangent over.
    [01:08] <ACS_Solver> People wake up!
    [01:09] <ACS_MarkG> thanks for being here ev1!
    [01:10] <ACS_Locutus> all 3 of you...
    [01:10] <ACS_Solver>
    [01:10] <ACS_MarkG> sorry for not being very active, i'm down with fever the last two days....
    [01:10] <ACS_MarkG> off to bed...
    [01:10] <ACS_Solver> night Markos
    [01:10] <ACS_DanQ>
    [01:10] <ACS_DanQ> Hope you're feeling better soon, and TTYL
    [01:11] * settler has joined #apolyton
    [01:11] * settler has quit IRC (Quit: settler)
    [01:11] <ACS_Locutus> CU
    [01:11] <ACS_DanQ> I'm heading offline as well.
    [01:11] <ACS_DanQ> TTYL
    [01:11] <MMC> doh!
    [01:11] <MMC> I arrive as everyone is leaving
    [01:12] <ACS_DanQ> Hi and bye MMC.
    [01:12] <ACS_Locutus> I"m not going anywhere for now...
    [01:12] <ACS_DanQ> There will be a chat transcript posted everyone.
    [01:12] <ACS_DanQ> Keep on Civ'in!
    [01:12] * ACS_DanQ has quit IRC (Quit: )

    (Most interesting excerpt of) post-chat banter

    [02:06] <ACS_Solver> Wonder what I should do with the spare time from XP2 - Firefly, Oblivion, etc?
    [02:06] <Apocalypse> I still need to pick up Oblivion
    [02:06] <Apocalypse> are there are good mods finished for it yet?
    [02:06] <MMC> Personally I can't wait to see any Peter F Hamilton books being made into films or TV series
    [02:06] <ACS_Solver> I still need to pick up a computer capable of playing
    [02:06] <Apocalypse> same here
    [02:06] <ACS_Solver> Plenty of good mods, from minor to big already
    [02:07] <Apocalypse> why I don't have it already
    [02:07] <MMC> I still need to pick up a PC capable of playing Civ1...
    [02:07] <ACS_Solver> I should've upgraded today. Of course, this frakking city doesn't HAVE the parts I need, so I have to wait 2 weeks for when it all arrives.
    [02:07] <ACS_Locutus> Firefly, then webisodes of BSG, then read the HP books again should be october by the time you're done with that
    [02:07] <ACS_Solver> The websidoes aren't even up, are they?
    [02:07] <MMC> nah... Read the Peter F Hamilton books.
    [02:08] <ACS_Solver> Read HP books again? Bugger
    [02:08] <ACS_Locutus> no, but they should be soon enough, it's august already...
    [02:08] <MMC> Specifically the Night's Dawn trilogy
    [02:08] <ACS_Solver> I've got a Harry Harrison collection to read too
    [02:08] <ACS_Locutus> can't read those often enough, I still discover new stuff every time I read them...
    [02:08] <ACS_Locutus> HP books that is
    [02:08] <ACS_Solver> Same here, though I haven't read it as many times as some obsessed people
    [02:09] <ACS_Locutus> you'd be surprised, I've only read most books twice.
    [02:09] <ACS_Locutus> the early ones 3 or 4 times
    [02:09] <IW> I think I've read them all 3 times
    [02:10] <MMC> I read them once, recognised the Enid Blyton stories with new faces, and put them down (I have finished them though).
    [02:10] <ACS_Solver> I must have read book5 four times. The rest 2 or 3 maybe? Some other books I've reread heckuva many times. Sherlock Holmes, the entire collection, maybe a dozen times...
    [02:10] <IW> Night's Dawn would make bloody long films
    [02:10] <MMC> true
    [02:10] <Apocalypse> this reminds me...I need a new book to download to listen to
    [02:10] <Apocalypse> I like audiobooks while running
    [02:10] <ACS_Solver> Get Oblivion Apoc
    [02:10] <Apocalypse> I am working on getting a laptop first
    [02:10] <ACS_Locutus> book 5? the most unreadable one of all? wow, you're really into self-torture, aren't you?
    [02:10] <Apocalypse> new laptop
    [02:10] <MMC> Long films, but you wouldn't notice the time
    [02:11] <ACS_Solver> What's unreadable about book 5?
    [02:11] * settler has joined #apolyton
    [02:11] * settler has quit IRC (Quit: settler)
    [02:11] <MMC> it's in French
    [02:11] <ACS_Solver> It's probably my favorite of the lot
    [02:11] <MMC> it's in French
    [02:11] <MMC> whoops... lag
    [02:11] <ACS_Locutus> you're be the only one. everyone is insufferable in the books (Harry most of all) and it's about 200 pages too long
    [02:12] <ACS_Solver> Well that's what makes it good IMO, how everyone's insufferable
    [02:12] <ACS_Solver> Makes you want to give some characters a kick in the ass
    [02:12] <IW> It suffers the same thing Lost does: all the characters say the wrong thing at every possible opportunity. It's frustrating
    [02:12] <ACS_Locutus> oddly enough, the only other person I know who actually likes book 5 says the same thing. I can tolerate it, but not for 900 frakking pages...
    [02:12] <ACS_Solver> And you've got to appreciate just how much of a moron Harry can be there
    [02:12] <MMC> although some people want to give them something else in the ass
    [02:13] <IW> horcrux enema
    [02:13] <ACS_Solver> Oh, and Umbridge of course
    [02:13] <ACS_Locutus> Hem, hem
    [02:13] <ACS_Solver> I think everyone must have had someone in their lives whom Umbridge reminds them of
    [02:13] <ACS_Locutus> I like the Ministery part though, and of course the Weasleys leaving Hogwarts
    [02:14] <ACS_Locutus> not really. One of my buddies is an exact copy of Lockhart though, he's always a good laugh
    [02:15] <ACS_Solver> I wonder what character would you think I resemble the most
    [02:15] <ACS_Locutus> The closest thing to Umbridge in my life is probably me
    [02:15] <ACS_Solver> And I pity you for not having had an Umbridge
    [02:15] <ACS_Locutus> I'm actually Hermione, spot on.
    [02:16] <ACS_Solver> Only she can also be nice
    [02:16] <IW> and she'd be rubbish at Civ
    [02:16] <ACS_Locutus> I can be nice, just not to you
    [02:17] <ACS_Solver> Locutus is also rubbish at Civ
    [02:17] <ACS_Solver> Then again, to quote him, "you can't suck more than Markos"
    [02:18] <ACS_Locutus> I always thought I sucked but I'm more and more starting to suspect I might be better at it then I thought
    [02:18] <ACS_Locutus> so which HP character are you then?
    [02:19] <ACS_Solver> Dumbledore probably In many ways
    [02:20] <ACS_Locutus> can't see you making a speech like 'Nitwit, blubber, oddment, tweak'...
    [02:20] <ACS_Solver> You don't know me well enough
    [02:20] <ACS_Locutus> I see you more as Percy
    [02:20] <IW>
    [02:20] <ACS_Solver> Nah, not in any remote way
    [02:21] * settler has joined #apolyton
    [02:21] * settler has quit IRC (Quit: settler)
    [02:21] <MMC> so which member of staff is the chocolate frog?
    [02:21] <ACS_Solver> I'm Dumbledore-ish, smart, somewhat different manner of speech, knowledgable, mostly lonely and, if I screw up, I do so big time
    [02:22] <ACS_Locutus> okay, you're right on the last two counts
    [02:22] <ACS_Solver> Only difference is, you'd kill me if you met me
    [02:22] <ACS_Solver> Oh shut up
    [02:23] <ACS_Locutus> hmmm, rest of the staff... Dan = Percy, Ming = Snape, Markos = Ron?
    [02:23] <MMC> "somewhat different manner of speech" so that's what you call it?
    [02:23] <ACS_Locutus>
    [02:24] <ACS_Solver> OK, I'm simply nuts and a weirdo
    [02:24] <IW> Ming isn't Snape
    [02:24] <MMC> are you sure Markos isn't Hagrid
    [02:24] <ACS_Locutus> Hagrid, that's a good one!
    [02:24] <ACS_Solver> Yeah, Markos is Hagrid
    [02:24] <ACS_Solver> Ming is McGonagall, strict but still nice
    [02:24] <ACS_Locutus> Who is Ming then? He's obviously evil, but he's working for the good side
    [02:24] <ACS_Locutus> that works too, I guess...
    [02:24] <ACS_Solver> Not Snape, he's outright evil
    [02:25] <ACS_Solver> And Trip is Moldymort
    [02:25] <Apocalypse> but Snape is good...he saves Harry in the final book
    [02:25] <IW> Snape is just cold though. Ming enjoys the conversation, even when he's laughing as he bans you
    [02:25] <ACS_Locutus> he's a shade of gray. he's evil as a person but still working for dumbledore...
    [02:26] <ACS_Solver> Or not
    [02:26] <ACS_Locutus> that's true, mcgonagall is probably a better match
    [02:26] <ACS_Solver> Seems like bedtime, eh?
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      Was the following (said by Solver) refering to me just joining the chat room?

      "URRRAAA TOVARISHI! We have a person in here!"

      At that time I was really confused to what was going before I joined.

      I can't belive I got on in time to see the top five winners. And I only had to wait a day.
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        cough, i ownder why so many didnt enter the contest, maybe because all the knowlegable ones are already subscribers..

        nothing to win !!!!
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          Originally posted by Will9
          Was the following (said by Solver) refering to me just joining the chat room?

          "URRRAAA TOVARISHI! We have a person in here!"
          Yeah, since we had spent the last hour or so joking about all the talk being among staff members, I was reacting to your arrival .
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            I hope Xan found his game...


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              Oh yeah, anyone who reads through the whole thing must probably be very, very bored .
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                Yes, I see now, the first post I saw was reference to it being staff only. Another queston, URRRAAA TOVARISHI?
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                  That would be a Soviet communist exclamation .
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                    Originally posted by Solver
                    Oh yeah, anyone who reads through the whole thing must probably be very, very bored .
                    I did.
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                      00:25] Immortal Wombat!!
                      [00:25] * ACS_Locutus rolls drums even harder now
                      [00:25] too late
                      [00:25] just in time!
                      [00:25] woot! what did he won?
                      [00:25] 1 year too
                      [00:25] too bad he's no longer on the site then...
                      [00:26] he'll come back
                      Winning a contest will draw him back. It was all part of a plan, you know. We rigged the contest. He only placed as high as he did so that we'd have an excuse to come back to the site

                      Solver- Pitifully, I too must echo Illuminatus' reply to your statement.

                      [00:31] damn
                      [00:31] ok
                      [00:31] ok
                      [00:31] 3
                      [00:31] 2
                      [00:31] 1
                      [00:31] Jonny
                      [00:31] !!
                      [00:32] who?
                      [00:32] * ACS_DanQ begins round of thunderous applause
                      ... Congratulations Jonny!

                      [00:37] IW is mildly amused by the fact that he won a year long free subscription for a site he hasn't visited in 8 months. he's even more amused by the fact that this is only being announced a year after the contest took place
                      Well then, It's a good thing it wasn't announced at the time it should have been- then he'd only have had 4 months to enjoy it- now he theoretically has an entire year to make use of it!

                      I hope Xan found his game...
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                        Originally posted by Illuminatus

                        I did.
                        And you were there the entire time...
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                          [00:06] * ACS_Illuminatus dies out of boredom
                          [00:06] * ACS_Illuminatus has quit IRC (Quit: )
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                            I couldn't make the chat, but it looks like good times were had.

                            I just wanted to give my appreciation to the staff for running the contest (despite the apparent impatience of some of us ) and to the anonymous donor who put up the money for it.

                            (And no, the Other Games forum isn't all spam... just a lot of it.)


                            • #15
                              Spam in the Fourm Games... !! I am shocked at the thought of it ...

                              I mean PAddy and Grmaps never post there s o how can it be spam !!!
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