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  • NHL 2020-1

    What an amazing year so far for the Blackhawks. Due to a great rookie goaltender and Kane stepping it up with Toews out, they are staying competitive. They started out slow but Colliton got them together and they piled up needed wins before heading into this tough stretch. Of course, some of the other rookies and additions have stepped up as well and they solved their power play woes. Don't know what is going on with Toews but hopefully he will be back this season and be able to help out. Hawks should have won last night but an unbelievable last tenth of a second goal lost a chance for a shoot out. But they got a point and maybe can get a win to honor Brent Seabrook who retired today - not really a surprise. GO HAWKS!!

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    i'm glad seabrook overcame his height issue and was able to finish out an impressive career