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    I guess we can start a sign up list. I'm wondering if anyone is interested in a league with a superflex position. The idea is we add a 2nd QB as a flex, so it would be QB/RB/WR/TE

    there's an article at Yahoo about it, basically a 2 QB system which adds strategy to the draft but if for some reason you cant field 2QBs in a given week you can fill the spot with another position. If QBs aren't outrageously favored by stats it wont be that big of an advantage.

    So ideally each team would want 3 QBs and with a 10 man league that would be 30 QBs. With a superflex you wouldn't actually need to play a 28th ranked QB.

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      I'm interested in playing again this year. For sure.

      Not excited about superflex, especially with our pumped-up QB scoring.
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        Haven't gotten excited about it this year yet, but I'm sure I will when we get closer. A big no on superflex.
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