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Coderre c. Doan - settled!

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  • Coderre c. Doan - settled!

    NHL player Shane Doan and Liberal MP Denis Coderre have reached an out-of-court settlement bringing to an end their defamation dispute, Coderre's office announced.

    The defamation suit and countersuit arose following a match on Dec. 13, 2005, when the Phoenix Coyotes played the Canadiens at the Bell Centre. The two referees and two linesmen were Frenchspeaking Quebecers.

    During the game, Doan, a Coyotes forward, was given a penalty for gross misconduct, and the media reported that he had made some derogatory comments about the referees' linguistic origins.

    Coderre later questioned the selection of Doan as a member of the team representing Canada at the 2006 Olympics in Turin.

    Doan sued Coderre for defamation. The trial was to have started next month in Superior Court in Montreal.

    In the settlement, Doan admits that the comments were uttered by the Coyotes and Coderre was justified in denouncing them. Doan maintained, however, that he was not the player involved.

    For his part, Coderre referred to a report by linesman Michel Cormier stating that Doan made the comments.

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    The version of this story tends to be shorter in the English media than it is in French. Worthy of note is that after receiving linesman Cormier's report right after the game, Colin Campbell told him to **** off.
    In Soviet Russia, Fake borises YOU.