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sport: Anyone here MMA fan?

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  • sport: Anyone here MMA fan?

    Hi to all,

    Mixed Martial Art is the one of the few sports that I'm really into

    from UFC to K-1 I just cant get enough of these actions

    I assume you guys only watch UFC but Pride FC was the **** unfortunely now it's owned by UFC and it's pretty much GONE... T.T

    Anyway my favourite martial artist would be CROCOP and the reason why i like him so much is that he always evolve (from K-1 to Pride FC and now UFC) and work his way through. and he always reminds me of Vegita who is really strong and has charisma but not quite strong enough to be the TOP and yet always thrive to be one .

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    Too bad Cro Cop retired.

    O, and


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      I like MMA, but the rules as they appear to have been set for a good while don't work too well. The judges decisions are too arbitrary for one.

      I never liked CroCop much, his fans especially are extremely annoying, but I was a bit sad he did so poorly after Pride (never) died.


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        Yea, the judges' decision can be weird. I thought they were really off on that Machida-Rua fight.

        I really Machida, but Rua really outperformed him. Hopefully, there will be a rematch for the title.


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          Yes that was a particularly egregious example. Shoguh won 3 or 4 rounds for me.

          I loved the fight, but the decision just ruined my mood after. Hopefully, Dana knows who really won and is able to set up a rematch sometime soon.