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Fantasy Football - AUCTION League

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  • Fantasy Football - AUCTION League

    testing the waters - how many people are interested?
    So far Snoopy (will set up the auction espn or sportsline) and me will play...

    The idea - we get same amount of money and we can bid on any players (much better than serpentine draft) we want and spend what we want as long as we retain $1 for enough players to fill out the roster. You can spend a wad on the top QB, RB, and WR and then save your money for much cheaper players (or not). Its cool

    Want in on the auction?

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    DA-AM no bites at all?


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      alright, now thats just downright rude


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          I'm interested, but if we do the auction all on one night, it has to be the 21st or later. Tell me what the date is and I might join.
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            it aint looking good Jag just 3 of us and most everyone who plays has signed up for a league or two already