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20/20 World Cup (cricket thread)

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  • 20/20 World Cup (cricket thread)

    So England lost to the Netherlands in the first game, and now have to beat Pakistan to get through to the next round. So they're out then...

    I can't see anyone but India winning to be honest. Their reserve side could probably give a good game to most Test nations after the IPL's 'must have 6 Indians' rule has meant a massive surge in the game in that country.

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    I didn't even know England were hosting a world cup until today.

    The game looked exciting, but it's just not (my kind of) cricket.
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      Pakistan are capable of **** ups as well. Remember the ODI World Cup loss to Ireland.
      One day Canada will rule the world, and then we'll all be sorry.


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        Netherlands out-played England and deserved their win.
        Poor decision-making in the middle order batting, playing Rashid rather than Swann and Sidebottom rather than Dimi all cost England and shows the lack of REAL quality in their cricket.

        Still ,with a pretty much even RR, a win will qualify them their fate is in their hands.

        I'd rather be in that position than the Aussies position.


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          Aussies' position?

          Having an equally rubbish team, but with arrogance and expectation on top?

          The Windies' batsmen did have a fantastic day against the Aussies though.


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            Originally posted by Dauphin View Post
            Pakistan are capable of **** ups as well.
            They certainly screwed up against England today.


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              Who cares? TI is an overhyped tournament that should be left to states and the like, not internationals.


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                Watching the Ireland vs Bangladesh match.
                138 for the Irish to win.

                Weird that the best two Irish batsman have gone to England(Joyce & Morgan) and Bangladesh have had test experience, but it looks like Ireland will win.For the second tourney in a row.

                Does make you wonder whether Bangladesh should be a test nation, if Ireland should be, or if a second tier set up with Ireland, Bangladesh, Holland, Kenya and Zimbabwe is the way forward


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                  wd Sri Lanka


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                    Originally posted by Cort Haus View Post
                    wd Sri Lanka

                    Schadenfreude is now defined as largely unanticipated delight in the suffering of the Aussies having to spend two weeks in Leicester which is cognized as appropriate"

                    They don't want to pick the dutch ski-instructer who p***ed off Hildritch and sent the drunk home for having a beer, it's their own fault.

                    I'm still expecting an ashes defeat(3-1 to the Aussies or so), but, jeez, their bowling has lost a lot with the retirement of Warne and McGrath.

                    I rate Johnson, but the rest are average.


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                      It give us time to focus on the important games.


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                        Pakistan have squeezed/cruised (?) through against the Dutch. An easy win in the end, so maybe the defeat by England didn't hang over them.


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                          Pakistan attack looked decent, but lacking depth. The rest of their game looked meh.

                          Other than India, only the Saffers have looked to have repeatable class and options.

                          A Gayle knock, or a Sri-Lankan spin innings at the Oval are the only things I have seen to even threaten a final between these two.

                          Green top for England or New Zeaaland and a fluke result is also possible as an outsider in this form of game...but I wouldn't put money on it.


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                            I can't see England getting out of their group. Can't see the Saffas losing the whole thing.


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                              Sounds about right for England. It would be a shock if they were to qualify.3rd in the strongest group is a decent effort for this squad.

                              The use of worn pitches is giving me thought that Sri Lanka can do some damage but yeah, India and South Africa have the best chance.