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    I'm not one for posting things like this, but I was introduced to this MMORPG football site that is kinda fun and doesn't take much time (just a couple clicks every couple of days).

    You start up an account (the name here is the players Agent), then you create player(s) that your agent gets contracts for. You can make players at any position and then "equip" them to make them better. Every couple of days there is a simulated game and your player gets experience from the plays he's in and improves. It is actually pretty in depth to the point where you can actually watch "replays" of any play that happens in a simulated game. Here is an example of a rather 'unique' replay.

    Quite fun and doesn't take much time.

    Oh, and by clicking this link to go to the site, you help me have better players!

    We could eventually have a Poly team!
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    There's actually another thread on this topic not that far down...
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