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American Football management anyone?

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  • American Football management anyone?

    This game has been recommended by a friend so I can't say much about it yet, but its the start of season 2 so its not a bad time to try it out if you are interested.

    You get enough points to start managing a couple of players initially, then expand to manage a host of players and a team if you want to (the players you manage don't have to play for your team):

    Goal Line Blitz

    It looks like managing players is unlikely to take much time once you've picked their initial stats and set up their training regime. You can get them into a CPU team instantly or take a little time to look around for a player team who wants them.
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    I might be interested. Different concept. I need to look at it better.
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      OK, i signed up there. But i dont look to favourably on this. First, to be very effective requires either payment or mass-referral credits to gain flex points. Owning a team or multiple players definitely requires money, and considering 100 flex points=1 dollar and 100 flex points seems to be the lowest denominator you start with(and everything gets more expensive) it would seem to be quite an expensive 'subscription' game on a yearly basis. Of course sports\rpg fanatics might not mind this, but when you consider also they intend to add player aging later, thats like playing a subscription RPG game that kills off your character every few years! And its in beta to boot. And for those paying to get high level characters, your success is atleast partialy dependent on the good graces of whoever owns the team you signed with-ive heard on the forum of people getting benched for not cooperating with certain demands. OK such drama is a staple of real life NFL but would you want to pay for it?

      I havnt run the math on how much money they would bring in, but it seems like they are setting their scope a little higher than your typical ''pay-for-extra-services'' online site.

      Take with a grain of salt though, i dont like subscriptions sites in general. Just IMHO
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