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white man can't fight

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  • white man can't fight

    This was a big deal where I live. And maybe some of you Brits were rooting for this guy. We had a ton of English descend upon our city. But in the end, the white guy lost.

    I'm not a big boxing fan, but I can't ignore major events in my city. This thing was overshadowing the rodeo going on right now.

    The real question is what tourist is more rude, the English, or the rednecks. .

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    Hatton is still probably the best fighter at his weight in the world - but Mayweather is the best at the next weight up. Hatton was always on a loser trying to take on a bigger fighter and colour had nothing to do with it.

    As for rude tourists we really don't get them much over here. Something about Ireland discourages the rude ones or gets them to behave.
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      I don't watch that much boxing but me and my housemates decided to head out to watch this fight after the hockey game on saturday. It took us quite afew pints and 4 bars before we found one that was showing the fight, not that UFC crap that we kept getting pointed to, but it was definately worth it. Good fight, great crowd at the bar too which was suprising. I was cheering for Hatton but it was entertaining nonetheless. I'm going to have to try to catch afew more fights next semester.


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        Boxing -- a great sport to watch while drinking beer
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          what sport isn't great while drinking beer?


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            figure skating
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