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so do the players play fantasy football with themselves?

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  • so do the players play fantasy football with themselves?

    So I'm thinking (beware), if an NFL player is playing fantasy football, but his opponent has this player on his team, the player could put up bad numbers to cause his opponent to lose. Of course, no sane player would do that. His job and income is based on good performance on the field, not to mention fantasy football is a silly little game. Winning a superbowl is more important. But if there is money on the game...

    But in a way, it's no different than illegal sports betting. Nothing is stopping a player from contacting a bookie and betting on the opposite team, and then throwing the game. Long as he doesn't get caught that is.

    sometimes I hear sportscasters talk about their fantasy football teams, it doesn't seem ethical in a way. Perhaps I'm just being silly.

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    I don't think it matters for sportscasters, because they're impartial anyway.

    There are enough players that play FF, but it's improbable that they'd fix the outcome. There are just too many different players on a team to make it worthwhile.


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      And being seen as worse player would lose him far more money than winning a silly fantasy league.
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        I remember a few years back when a Brad Johnson threw a pass for the Vikings into the endzone from about 2 yards out. It got blocked and he caught it and dove for the TD. When interviewed about it afterwards, he said "I know this guy who has me on his FF team and I figured if I caught it and scored, he'd get double points!"
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