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Pittsburgh Penguins on the Move to...Kansas City?

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    Originally posted by Brundlefly
    If, for some reason, the Pens do leave town, look for homeboy Mark Cuban to petition the NHL for a pgh expansion team immediately...

    Or... maybe Mark Cuban buys the Pens?
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      I really hope they stay.. I went to Mellon Arena last night and watched them dominate one of the best teams in the league - Nashville.

      Because I've relocated to Pittsburgh, I've adopted them as my "team". I will always root against them when they play the Flyers, though.

      I saw Penguins-Leafs earlier this year. It was really off the chain. Leafs fans are nuts. Very impressive number of Leafs fans showed up at the game. They were noisy but the Pens fans were louder.. It was more intense than any Flyers-Leafs game I had ever been to.


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        Bettman to meet with Penguins

        Darren Dreger

        NHL commissioner Gary Bettman will meet with the Pittsburgh Penguins and all parties involved in the negotiation of a new arena Thursday in Philadelphia.

        This meeting is considered key to the future of the franchise remaining in Pittsburgh. A source told TSN that the meeting is expected to bring ''closure, one way or another.''

        The Penguins declared an impasse over arena negotiations with government officials on Monday and are looking at options to relocate the franchise. Kansas City is the leading candidate to land the Penguins as they have a brand new arena that is missing a tenant.

        ''Unfortunately, we still don't have a deal and are faced with mounting uncertainty that an agreement can be reached in a time frame that is realistic for our organization,'' the Penguins said in a letter to Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell, Allegheny County chief executive Dan Onorato and Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl. ''Therefore, we have no choice but to declare an impasse and to notify NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman that we will aggressively explore relocation.

        ''A project of this scope, with so many complex issues, can ill afford further delays that add more risk and more uncertainty. The risk has been magnified by what we perceive as a lack of collaboration from the public sector in the negotiations.

        ''Our good faith efforts have not produced a deal, however, and have only added more anxiety to what we thought at best was a risky proposition for us moving forward.''

        Oh, goody, Bettman's going to bring "closure."
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