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  • Marshall Faulk's yards from scrimmage record (2429 yards) is within reach. Tomlinson has about 2100 after tonight, with two games left.
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    • Saints are going to the postseason with only their third division title.

      Also heading to the playoffs are the Ravens, Cowboys and Colts.

      Baltimore didn't back in, beating Cleveland 27-17 for at least a wild-card berth. Dallas won 38-28 at Atlanta on Saturday, then got its playoff spot when Carolina and Minnesota lost Sunday.

      Indianapolis, which doesn't play until Monday night at home for Cincinnati, won the AFC South when Jacksonville fell at Tennessee 24-17.
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      • Originally posted by Imran Siddiqui

        Yeah, I felt sorry for the Jags there. Weirdest loss ever.
        This just goes to show once again that the NFL is a league about playmakers and making plays.

        The Titans offense might as well not even showed up, but the defensive guys stepped up and made plays. The interception returns were both long (one was 83 yards I think) and the fumble return was over 90 yards.

        If a team has its self destruct mode on and the other team has players that can step up and make plays, then the yardage will never matter.

        The Jags running game is pretty incredible though.
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        • We'll see about that. Both Taylor and Jones-Drew got hurt yesterday.
          The Jags' season may be over.
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          • eli manning: choke artist
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            • 500 it is... continue here:

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