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Has turkey tolerance gone too far?

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  • Has turkey tolerance gone too far?

    ‘He kind of amps them up’: ‘Kevin’ the ringleader as turkeys terrorize Massachusetts town

    Residents of Woburn near Boston subjected to attacks and intimidation by group of wild turkeys – and especially Kevin

    It’s the time of year when millions of turkeys across the US might justifiably fear for their safety, but in one Massachusetts town the birds have turned the tables, ganging up to “terrorize” residents with pecks, kicks and loud clucking.

    People in Woburn, north-west of Boston, have been subjected to a barrage of attacks and intimidation by a group of five wild turkeys, with the situation forcing some to take up improvised weapons and residents reporting being trapped in their homes.

    The turkeys, led by a male bird nicknamed Kevin, arrived two years ago. Initially the birds were docile, but as time passed they have become ever more pugnacious, leaving Woburners fearful for their safetyand forced to adapt their behavior.

    “They don’t let you out of your house,” said Meaghan Tolson, who lives in Woburn and has named the turkeys.

    “They peck at cars, they stop traffic. They go after kids on bikes. If you’re walking or jogging, or anything like that, they come for you.”


    If you ask me the ongoing praxis of being soft to turkey has to stop! No doubt wild turkey bullies would take note only when we draw a line and say "Stop" to turkey terror!


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    I am not delusional! Now if you'll excuse me, i'm gonna go dance with the purple wombat who's playing show-tunes in my coffee cup!
    Rules are like Egg's. They're fun when thrown out the window!
    Difference is irrelevant when dosage is higher than recommended!


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      Try for discussion and debate.