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Will Covid end before Omega?

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  • Will Covid end before Omega?

    I think in hindsight it was a wise move to use Greek letters for Covid variants, because it means that with Omicron, we are already through more than 50% of all possible variants!

    Of course there is still the possibility of a zombie variant hiding in the remaining letters of that Greek Alphabet but I'm confident that boosters and mask-wearing will deal with the prob. I mean, zombies are pretty stupid, so they probably wouldn't even detect you if you wear a mask and stand still.

    just sayin'


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    Maybe we can move to Chinese pictographs after the Greek letters run out. Then we can learn a new language!
    There's nothing wrong with the dream, my friend, the problem lies with the dreamer.


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      Leave Greek letters alone!

      It should have been KSI Ξ Ξ ΞΞΞΞΞΞΞ ΞΞΞ ΞΞ Ξ

      but that's how the chinese fart is called


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        We also skipped ν
        Indifference is Bliss


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          Should have used the Nato phonetic alphabet. Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, Delta.... um India.... um Quebec.... um Yankee and.... Zulu.
          One day Canada will rule the world, and then we'll all be sorry.


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            "charlie killed 2 million people" just doesn't sound right

            let alone zulu or quebec

            also i didn't know there was such a thing as nato phonetic alphabet. I thoguht it was a play of words for movies


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              We already tried India. They felt stigmatized. So we had to revert to Greek. They have thicker skins...
              "Ceterum censeo Ben esse expellendum."


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                The Khmer alphabet has over 70 characters. I found this out on the intarweb


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                  Originally posted by dannubis View Post
                  We already tried India. They felt stigmatized. So we had to revert to Greek. They have thicker skins...
                  that's true


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                    Let's use the runic alphabet next while the next virus ushers in ragnarok


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                      Maybe the Chinese script. It literally has unlimited possibilities...
                      "Ceterum censeo Ben esse expellendum."


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                        Covid-19: Indian man has taken at least eight Covid jabs

                        A man in India got jabbed with a Covid-19 vaccine at least eight times last year, a health official said.

                        Brahmdeo Mandal, 65, has claimed that he received 11 doses of the vaccine in Bihar state.

                        The retired postman said the jabs had helped him to get rid of aches and pains and "stay healthy". He claimed he had not suffered any adverse effects.

                        Mr Mondal was finally stopped from taking what he claimed was his 12th jab at a camp last week.
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                        Difference is irrelevant when dosage is higher than recommended!


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                          The bigger question is "will it end.?"
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                            MtG sighting Welcome back!


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                              All we need is some science from the experts, and some discipline and common sense from everyone else.
                              Sadly, Twitter exchanges like this highlight the problem we're having with that.

                              Click image for larger version

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