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    More precisely, the Indian news. I find they refer to Russia quite often and in interesting ways. Here's a story about how Putin hasn't congratulated the vampiric usurper and his she-witch yet.
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    Your hatred of Kamala Harris is rather suspicious.


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      She is too old to join his meat paddling scheme.
      "Ceterum censeo Ben esse expellendum."


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        Some of us are old enough to remember some of Kamala Harris’s more corrupt acts when she was Willy Brown’s mistress. Getting placed on a political slush fund insurance commission (since disbanded for being corrupt), getting paid $300,000 per year in 1988, not showing up 2/3rds of the time for her once a month for just two hours gig, yet still getting paid her full salary. Or when Treasure Island naval base was decommissioned so her married boyfriend set her up free of charge in the old Admiral’s house (an ocean front 10,000 square foot mansion) free of charge simply because she was sleeping with a 40 year older Willy Brown. The list of her corruption is a mile long.
        Try for discussion and debate.


        • Ted Striker
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          Is she working for Antifa too ?

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          She can sleep with whoever she wants.