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Should the US have cut oil supplies to Japan?

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    That is just another proof that you are a double-talking motherf*ckers who are dancing around.
    Because Trump was the only US president who didn't start a single war. All others - did, no matter of their platform!
    Nu chto, podbrosish druga svoego zaklyatogo na svoem gorbu k vorotam raya zvezndo-polosatogo?


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      Originally posted by Serb View Post
      And unlike the Japaneese we will just INCINERATE your whole continent once and forever and the very few lucky of you, who would survive will think about the Pear Harbor as a kiss of a grateful virgin.

      If you can't win a war - don't start it!

      But you do never learn! Too bad for you, America!
      Yeah but Serb, nuke America and you lose all this lovely chat...
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