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Irreparable and irreversible damage

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  • Irreparable and irreversible damage

    This thead is born out of a sense of loss. I remember Rah, I only ever saw a pic of him that he or Ming posted. And I remember his backs and forths with me, when I was a moron and I should be banned, how he hesitated and was always kind.

    And I remember people beloved with immense love in their hearts for me, and the world probably, how they vanished. And the danger ahead of beloved people.
    The loss, the loss that has happened, the loss that is threatening.

    The realiziation of the ephemeral. I don't know. I don't think I'm as good as the people who love (ed) me.

    I know I'm a dog in supporting the people I love. Over my dead body would they be harmed.

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    I drank beer. I like beer. I still like beer. ... Do you like beer Senator?
    - Justice Brett Kavanaugh