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First vaccine vs second Ukraine?

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    So communism: democracy, freedom

    dinner's US: hitler

    Clinton said sorry for supporting the dictatorship.

    I know you're ****ing pro democracy, so don't sell yourself short and don't actually vindicate the ones that call you a fascist (myself included funnily enough)


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      Actually I think that a "Communist" takeover would not be so bad.

      THe dictators made greek army dress like they were ancient greeks.

      The most vile torturers took over.

      People were shoved off to islands to be tortunbed and taught not to be communists. All that with US blessing? Come on how much anti-communist can you be?

      And bebro is here defending "freedom" and "democracy"?

      even he knows what I'm talking about. If he's pro freedom, he does.

      If not, he's dinner


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        let me maike it plain: freedom and progress is what communism was back in the day.

        Even today, who is fighting for the people...?

        I leave that to the imagination. It has something to do with the left lane.

        Don't justify that you supported a brutal and vile dicttorship because "commies". It makes you look like khmer rouge


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          Anyway that's the past and your shame

          The socialists did get in power nevertheless and surpirse Greece didn't swift blocks.

          Now it is out solemn duty to uphold the ideals of caring for one another, of freedom of expression pluralism etc against your (former) sweehearts that you have less in common with than us


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            In short: back in the day , communism was better

            Today, it still is (the way we envision it)

            and in all seasons" **** nazis