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Makkkron gets very stupid

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  • Makkkron gets very stupid

    cryogenic cast loaded and activated... check
    headphones... check
    sangria glass check
    medecins... check


    makron is very sstupid.
    first he blocks the balkna expansion of the EU just to spite Germany, hugely upsetting stability since it was a GIVEN that the balkans would go forward (greece, that is the left wing progressives, made a deal with north macedonia just for that.... the visonary that is syriza) and also albania would start negotations

    but macron blocked it because he wants to "force" germany to engage in "deepening" the Union.

    That's a very stupid way to go about it.
    1. It won't have an effect on germany. there are other ways that have
    2. it's very stupid to use the balkans for anything...

    now he also says NATO is brain dead. I think there are some people that are concerned about RUssia in NATO? that's the worse comment one could made if he is concerned about that.

    Also erdogan says he's going to block NATO intervention if Russia invades Poland (that some might fear)
    1. He can't
    2. He can't

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    erdogan rather bluntly said to macron: YOU'RE BRAIN DEAD

    turkish diplomacy was admidetly better when it was run by greeks in the ottoman empire


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      Also the british NHS is sold to US corporations


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        Also goddamiit hoenstly I'm very happy to finally visit the US

        Also it's so so cheap (if you look for good deals)

        hoepfully my ankle heals fast


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          The UK polls assume young people will vote less than they did in 2017, Corbyn can still pull this off.


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            That doesn't make sense since young people in britain are overwhelmingly pro - EU


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              It was the UK's one redeeming quality when Europe's youth was turning right wing


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                NHS is saved

                London aquarium’s gender-neutral penguin just predicted Jeremy Corbyn will win the election

                Penguins at London’s Sea Life aquarium – including gender-neutral penguin Ziggy – have gone to the polls ahead of tomorrow’s UK general election.

                The feathered friends have predicted a win for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

                After much deliberation, the feathery voters waddled to their favourite candidate and predicted that Corbyn will take the reigns as our new prime minister.

                The Gentoo penguins were given the choice of three candidates all vying for the top job – Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnson and Jo Swinson.

                Graham McGrath, general manager of Sea Life London Aquarium, said: “While there was definitely something fishy about how the penguins’ chose their favourite candidate, it was exciting to watch our penguins get involved in making a fun political prediction. We look forward to finding out if their prediction was the right one when voters go to the polls this week.”

                Ziggy, a penguin being raised by lesbian parents that has not been assigned a gender by the Sea Life aquarium but is being raised gender-neutral, was one of the feathery voters.


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                  Macron has really big plans on what he wants to spend other people’s money on. The Germans aren’t so keen on the idea of Macron going on a spending binge with their money.
                  Try for discussion and debate.