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beaujaulet against american protestantism/imperialism

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  • beaujaulet against american protestantism/imperialism

    I was just taking a stroll and came upon an outlet of a bookshop. I said what is this, so I went inside. Inside were books very cheap. Like 70% discount.

    The world chessboard was one, written by some american polish conservative **** bratsiwski don't remember. Just 3 euroes

    3 euros.

    I got it and in it it said how USA was going to dominate the world (yeah that didn't happen) and that europeans had an hedonistic (in the ancient greek word) pose on life.
    Drinking french wine I like this european decedense, inspired by my ancestors.

    We are not in a war, so why not enjoy it

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    that murico pollack was so funny.
    He had assigned roles for everything. France was usefull because it could "control" north africa. yeah that went well
    and to that sad deracinated murico pollack Russia was to behave or be decapitated. Well, it didn't behave and is still here.

    USA was the paramount of all of course. What a sad story of that sad little pollack

    No wonder it had 70% discount


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      The US hasn't screwed over Poland yet (I think?) so they still think America is spreading freedom