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Epic Chris the Sheep is no more :(

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  • Epic Chris the Sheep is no more :(

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    Chris the sheep, a merino famed for once being discovered with the world's heaviest fleece, has died in Australia.

    The animal generated global attention in 2015 after being spotted in the wild carrying what was described as six years' worth of wool.

    A life-saving haircut followed, with a shearer removing 41.1kg (88lb) of fleece - later confirmed to be a world record.

    On Tuesday, his carers at a New South Wales farm said he had died of old age.

    "We are heartbroken at the loss of this sweet, wise, friendly soul," the Little Oak Sanctuary wrote online.

    Chris was thought to be aged 10 - a fairly average lifespan for a merino sheep.

    Almost deserved a place in Poly's dead pool...

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    Hot or not, Moby? Do you prefer them trimmed?
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      I’d recommend a lamb chop recipe but honestly you don’t want to eat and older animal. The younger ones are the tenderest and juiciest. There are few things worse than seeing yellow fat and stringy meat from an older animal on your dinner plate.
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        Originally posted by Elok View Post
        Hot or not, Moby? Do you prefer them trimmed?
        I always figured he was an untrimmed au naturale sort of guy.
        Try for discussion and debate.


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          Wait, what do, err, wild sheep do about their fleece?
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            The full article offers the answer to that question

            Talk about a close shave!
            Earlier today, a sheep named Chris got a much-needed shear that, in all probability, saved his life.

            Chris is a merino sheep, which is a special breed of sheep that are famous for producing some of the softest, finest wool in the world. And they never stop making it.

            That's where Chris got into trouble: He got lost in the wild years ago and his wool never stopped growing. So when shearers finally removed it, they collected a record-shattering 89 pounds worth of the fluffy stuff.

            Unlike wild sheep, who shed most of their wool every year, merino sheep don't periodically lose their hair. They just keep growing more wool, which is exactly what sheep farmers want.

            In the 13th and 14th centuries, Spanish sheep herders let their local sheep breed with English sheep. The result was the merino — a sheep that doesn't even qualify as a freak of nature because Mother Nature would never make such an animal. They are an evolutionary nightmare that humans made.
            It's almost as if all his overconfident, absolutist assertions were spoonfed to him by a trusted website or subreddit. Sheeple
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