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Holy Batman!

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  • Holy Batman!

    Looks like we completely missed International Batman Day

    I'm wondering though if this was a good idea - I mean Bat Signals everywhere around the world could easily lead to the idea that there's some kind of apocalypse in progress..

    Say you're Batman watching out for stuff then suddenly signals pop up en masse and you're preparing for the ultimate Bat-tle (hehe), only to find out that it's just some ppl making a mockery of the whole superhero business.

    In the worst case we could have Batman not caring anymore because he now thinks every Bat signal is just another Bat party being celebrated! Oh well...


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    I am not delusional! Now if you'll excuse me, i'm gonna go dance with the purple wombat who's playing show-tunes in my coffee cup!
    Rules are like Egg's. They're fun when thrown out the window!
    Difference is irrelevant when dosage is higher than recommended!