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  • crime

    Up north there was an alcercation about a parking spot.

    After 20 minutes two poeple were shot dead. A mother and a son.

    Noone said anything about nationalities.

    However later, a person in the same city was arrested after police broke into his house because he posted on his facebook page that he's "going to kill his foreign neighboors" because he was "inspired" by the guy who killed the mother and son.

    Some conclusions:

    Greece has a hell of a cyber crimes unit.

    The people killed were foreigners and noone said it

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    Also what is known is
    the killing didn't happen in the parking lot.
    the mother and son (presumambly foreign) followed the guy (pressumambly greek) to his house. He locked himself in, they banged on his door and then he shot them both dead


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      Greek law is draconian regarding guns.
      Almost noone is allowed to have one.
      I mean even if you have a screwdriver in your car, theoretrically you're illegally packin' and can land you to the police station.
      Guns are absolutely forbitten. To have them, to carry them to keep them

      There is only one exception.
      Hunting rifles.
      These are extremely easy to get.
      And they are not man - killers.

      Ah but it depends what the law considers as a "hunting rifle".
      Apparently there is a very big spectrum of what can be considered a "hunting rifle" and that inludes some very deadly ones.

      For which you of course need to have a license. But it's very easy to get. You just say "I want to hunt. I'm not crazy".


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        Also what's interesting is what the law determines as acceptable in order for the police to break down your door.

        Apparently there was a "concrete threat of deadly violence against a group of people"

        So if there is a concrete thread of deadly violence against one person, it doesn't count?

        Let's say I want to fart to death a specific TV presenter, does he have to belong to a "group of people"?

        What group of people? Abnoxious TV presenters?

        Anyway, it would be MUCH MORE SANE to have complete journalistic freedom and report frecking evreything that happened, instead of what's politically correct. The truth will set you free. Not work.


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          (rejoice sincere slackers)