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    PAN (ALL) AGIA (HOLY -f.)

    Tomorrow is the 15 of august the most deep point that greek summer gets.
    We're talking very deep. It's also one of the most sacred festivities of the orthodox church conerning Panagia, also known as the mother of God

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    everyone will celebrate. from the capital to the most remote villagers to the most faraway islands. Each with complete uniqie customs of their own.
    They all usually end in lots of drinking and dancing


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      I have no idea what hte festivity is actually about


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        but here are girls dancing


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          For the occasion I have procured

          _6 cans of cider
          _6 cans of lager beer
          _one bottle of samos wine (very very special due to uniquness of soil and grape genre)
          _tsikoudia. (ouzox2 strength).

          I am beggining by drinking casually some beers


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            It is extremely hot easily 38 celcius so I have the A/C on and a dscreet fan blowing the cold air directly at me though an emaculate system of air flow direction to the desktop place/ personal office space chamber


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              now let's find out what the fuzz is all about


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                oh alreight
                it commemorates the sleeping of the panagia (her death)



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                  were they all gay or just freddy mercury?


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                    I think he was from iran
                    but he lived in britain so he wasn't killed

                    HEY trump exported an iranian who was born in Greece and somhow found his way to the US back to Iran and they killed him


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                      he suffered from schizophrenia and had broken every penal code of the US.

                      still they deported him to iran with no drugs, he was also diabetic.
                      He died.

                      That was not good.

                      take care of him.

                      or send him back to Greece.
                      Not to Iran


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                        Originally posted by Bereta_Eder View Post
                        I have no idea what hte festivity is actually about
                        Perhaps it is a festival to celebrate cute girls which are dancing
                        Tamsin (Lost Girl): "I am the Harbinger of Death. I arrive on winds of blessed air. Air that you no longer deserve."
                        Tamsin (Lost Girl): "He has fallen in battle and I must take him to the Einherjar in Valhalla"


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                          this I can understand.

                          Also a friend of mine went and seen maya temples

                          I am jealous



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                            BTW I feel so ready to completly freck up the right wing.

                            Come September



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                              Ok special time.
                              I'm going to try the samos wine (it's kinda rare and special)

                              btw proterus theere are germans living next to me! (good people)_