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Tell me about the famous or celebrity person you have met.

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  • Tell me about the famous or celebrity person you have met.

    When I was in high school had a part time job with a survey company. They had this contract to survey the movie " Scarface " in Houston during it's opening.
    Saw quite a few celebrities there. Al Pacino, Steven Spielberg and his blond wife. Roger Ebert was there reviewing the movie. We were not allowed to approach or talk with them.
    It was during the movie, I was in the lobby standing in the corner and this guy with a red beard, wearing an army green field jacket came up to me and said hi. He then asked me how I felt about four hour movies. I told him they were ok till you have to go to the bathroom and miss part of it. He walked off and some of the other people came up to me and asked if I knew who I had been talking to. I said no and they told me that was Brian De Palma. I said who the hell is Brian De Palma?

    Got to sit down and talk with Muhammad Ali when I was in the army. Nice guy, very tall. Funny thing is I thought he was drunk because his words were slurred and his movements were slow. I didn't know at the time he was suffering from brain damage and Parkinson's.

    Who have you met and what is your story?

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    Lots to choose from for me. Between living in Chicago with its sports heroes on the hoof and working for a major microphone company (Shure) doing endorsements with major musicians, I have met literally hundreds of celebrities in those fields. As my friends will tell you, I'm not above boring people with name-dropping stories about my many backstage encounters.

    My favorite was my first: Back in the 70s, I was in Union Station downtown and ran into Chicago Bulls center Artis Gilmore, all 7-foot-2 of him -- 7' 6" with his afro. He was with his two adorable daughters, both preschool age and wearing frilly dresses. He just towered above the room. Big, deep voice. I went up and said I was a big fan and he was very nice - engulfed my hand in his, thanked me, then turned back to his girls. That was the cool part. He bent way over, his voice softened, and this big, intimidating man turned into a cooing, doting daddy. Then he turned back, gave me a wink and said quietly, "Take care, man." I felt like we had a bit of a moment together and remember it vividly to this day.
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      I met Alex Haley and Ray Bradbury when I was a teenager. Very nice men. I was surprised to discover Ray Bradbury was afraid to fly in airplanes. He rode trains whenever possible.
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        Sigmar Gabriel and Gerhard Schroder


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          As a kid I shook Walter Matthau's hand. He was filming 'The Laughing Policeman' on our street. Did not get to see Clinton Eastwood, he filmed 'Dirty Harry' on Mt Davidson, the one with the giant lighted concrete cross (my bedroom window faced it). The kids who lived around the mountain had a very cool rope swing maybe 75-100 yds north of the cross. My friend had a part in the movie, one of the kids on the school bus hijacked by the villain. I got to bat against A's pitcher Mike Norris in winter league, I jumped at the 1st fastball and grounded out to 2nd base.


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            Something I wrote for elsewhere about having Joaquin Castro alone to myself for thirty minutes in June, 2018 (pre-midterm elections):

            Many times in doing Lyft/Uber, I work late Friday and Saturdays, picking up inebriated people who can’t drive and get them safely home, just like I did at UGA back when I was 20 (I ran a car service between these clusters of apartments and downtown Athens, charging $3-5 bucks a ride, minimum 2 people. Anyway, I digress.).

            This past Friday, around 1:30am, I’m sitting in downtown San Antonio when I receive a call to pick up “Joaquin” from the Paramour Bar, an upscale bar where you can wine and dine with SA’s movers and shakers. I get there, parked the car, and Joaquin Castro, US Representative from Texas (and MY representative as well) gets in the back seat, passenger side. I check the destination on the app – 35 minutes away, it tells me, meaning 25 given the way I drive and Lyft calculates driving times.

            Having my Congressman in my car for 30 minutes (let’s say I was sure to keep within the speed limit) – I had a few things I wanted to say, some things I wanted to ask. To be frank, I likely talked too much, but c’est la vie – he is my representative, and when does one get 30 minutes of their Congressman to themselves?

            **Please note, I am not a professional reporter. I did not record this, nor was I able to take notes. The conversation below is the best, to MY recollection, of how it went, but while I am using quotes, they are more of a literary convention to aid the author and not a direct word-for-word citation of what was said. So, please, do not quote this saying ‘here is a reported DIRECT QUOTE from Joaquin Castro!'**

            “Excuse me, but are you Representative Castro?”

            “Yes, you recognize me?”

            “Laura, my wife, and I are big supporters of yours and of progressive causes, so yes. We were even at your rally the other night regarding the children being separated by their parents. We’ve met a few times, but not in any manner which you would likely remember.”

            (We talk pleasantries for a minute. Then I get down to brass tacks.)

            JT: “Do you mind if I ask you something?”

            JC: “Sure.”

            JT: “All the Twitterati are talking about a ‘blue wave’. What are you seeing?”

            JC: “Well, as you probably know, the electorate turns against the President’s party in the midterms, so we would expect to see some movement towards us regardless. As an analogy, a typical midterm is a category 1 to 2 storm – some changes are made, but most things remain the same. Had these midterms happened in February, it would have been a category 5 for the Republicans, far worse than 1994 was for the Democrats.

            But right now we are fighting Trump fatigue, there haven’t been new revelations from Mueller, and so I would put the category… if the election were held today… at 3.5.”

            JT: “Funny you should mention 1994, because something happened that year that I am firmly convinced could help the Democrats, if done correctly. Do you remember Newt Gingrich and his ‘Contract with America’?”

            JC: “Of course.”

            JT: “If I had my druthers and absolute power, I would have the Democrats do the same thing. Derive a list of 10 progressive… and fully progressive… positions which the Democratic party will work on in the local, state, and federal level for the next 20 years. Things like Universal Health Care, college cost reductions, UBI, more. The Republicans didn’t get everything they wanted with their Contract, but I can tell you that it definitely fired up the base and was one of the driving forces to the category 4 shitstorm that hit the Dems that year and helped lead us to where we are today. I am firmly convinced that the Democrats need something similar – leadership and a path forward.”

            JC: “Interesting. How do you know about the CWA?”

            JT: “Back then I lived in Newts district and was a typical young conservative. Well, except I didn’t like the lying.”

            (This is where the conversation got a little… I don’t know, sad…)

            JC: “One of the problems we have as Democrats is that we always get hit with the ‘tax and spend’ label. For example, the tax cuts. Everyone is asking us ‘are you going to repeal the tax cuts?’, and we are, but as soon as we propose something, the Republicans are going to hit back with their ‘tax and spend’ message, so we have to fight against that, which is extremely difficult because we are, in fact, raising taxes and increasing spending.”

            (He seemed genuinely perplexed and concerned about this, almost defeatist. But it was late and, I’m sure, everyone was tired.)

            JT: “Well, if you are going to let the opposition literally set the terms of the debate, you’ll always find yourself in a losing position. When they accuse of you being ‘tax and spend’, and you *defend* yourself on those terms, you already lost as you accepted their parameters and the validity, moral and intellectual, to their arguments. Why not work to change the terms of the debate?”

            JC: (amused) “Like what?”

            JT: “Well, take ‘tax and spend’. I would counter it with, say, ‘invest and build’ with my message being ‘There was a time in America where we were capable of great projects, where we would invest and build in the Panama Canal, we invested and built the Apollo Project, we invested and built the Manhattan Project, invested and built the Interstate Road System, our education system, etc, etc, etc. But since the conservative mantra of ‘tax and spend’ became the norm since the 1980s, we no longer do great things. What is the greatest thing America achieved since 1980? Collapse of the Soviet Union? They largely did it to themselves, so it can’t count. The Internet? Started in 1960, in the age of ‘invest and build’, so it doesn’t count. Facebook? Is Facebook really the greatest thing America has produced since Reagan took office? ‘Tax and spend’ is killing what is great about America, our civic duty to ourselves and our country’s potential – let’s get back, all of us, to investing and building.”

            JC: “What do you think about the Trump/Russia thing?” (Interesting pivot by the Rep, there.)

            JT: “Simple: I think Trump is owned by Putin, in one way or another. I think it is reprehensible how the GOP… and many Dems… remain silent on this issue. Vladimir Putin sees himself in position to gain revenge on the very country which destroyed the USSR in 1992, an opportunity to become a Russian historical figure on the scale of Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, and Stalin, and he is working to make that happen. It is my contention that Vladimir Putin, not Russia but Putin, has declared war on the United States, a new kind of war, and this country is too into ourselves to see this. I can envision future history books in 200 years being written with the words ‘this new type of warfare was first practiced on an unsuspecting West by Vladimir Putin against Britain and America, respectively, in 2016, to devastating effect.

            What are you seeing?”

            JC: “As you probably know, I’m on the House Intel Committee and we find things are as troubling as the news reports are saying. Of course, we are limited in what we can do being the minority party, which is why we need Democrats to take over the House this year.”

            JT: “True. But since you reminded me you’re on the Intel committee, I’m going to amuse you for a minute with my worst fear regarding Russian meddling…” he nods “… If I were Vladimir Putin, I would do the opposite of 2016 and help, blatantly help, Democrats and openly hurt Republicans. Changed votes, zeroed-out voting rolls in critical counties, more. And don’t worry if you get caught because you want to be caught, so your puppet, Donald Trump, can then successfully argue ‘See? I told you the Russians were meddling for the Democrats! Arrest Hillary, Obama! Suspend elections until we know they are “safe”! I’ll remain President for the duration of the emergency…’ and so on.

            We would literally go to war with ourselves for the next decade.”

            “Do you think that’s possible?”

            “Can you give me reassurances it is not?”


            JT: “Anyway, if the above happens, you can expect the racism to get much worse.”

            JC: “That’s an issue which concerns you?”

            JT: “Well, Joaquin, we already have concentration camps for children on the Mexican border and Trump does everything he can to wave red flags to his racist base, like pardoning Dinesh D’Souza. Yes, it ‘concerns’ me. But it should frighten the hell out of every non-Caucasian person in this country, and the Democrats would be fools not to capitalize on this.

            … Anyway, I believe this is your neighborhood?”

            Notes regarding Joaquin Castro’s house (at least his District residence): Solidly middle class, about 1.5 miles from my home, not a gated community. I’m 99.9% sure the 6 cars parked in the driveway/front of the house were violating some sort of city ordinance, but I’m sure they were temporary.

            It pains me to say: he did not tip.


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              Originally posted by Berzerker View Post
              Did not get to see Clinton Eastwood, he filmed 'Dirty Harry'

              It's almost as if all his overconfident, absolutist assertions were spoonfed to him by a trusted website or subreddit. Sheeple
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                oh crap, maybe I do have her stuck in my brain

                gotta admit I've typed Clint maybe 2-3 times and Clinton hundreds


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                  Originally posted by Berzerker View Post
                  oh crap, maybe I do have her stuck in my brain

                  gotta admit I've typed Clint maybe 2-3 times and Clinton hundreds
                  Well, his full name IS Clinton Eastwood Jr.
                  I am not delusional! Now if you'll excuse me, i'm gonna go dance with the purple wombat who's playing show-tunes in my coffee cup!
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                    Noone who would be well known outside of germany.
                    Only Maike Tatzig (who is the original creator of a well known comedy improvisation TV show named Schillerstrasse) on her invitation
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                      Originally posted by Broken_Erika View Post

                      Well, his full name IS Clinton Eastwood Jr.
                      Yet another Clinton cover up!
                      "tout comprendre, c'est tout pardonner"


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                        Originally posted by Aeson View Post

                        Yet another Clinton cover up!
                        Click image for larger version

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                        I am not delusional! Now if you'll excuse me, i'm gonna go dance with the purple wombat who's playing show-tunes in my coffee cup!
                        Rules are like Egg's. They're fun when thrown out the window!
                        Difference is irrelevant when dosage is higher than recommended!


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                          I am well acquainted with my brother, Pete Abrams, who draws one of the earliest (and still running!) webcomics, Sluggy Freelance. Through him I've met such luminaries as Phil Phoglio (What's New with Phil & Dixie, Girl Genius, illustrator for Myth Adventures) and Steve Jackson of Steve Jackson Games (Ogre, Auto Duel / Car Wars, among many others). I am also just two Kevin Bacons from most of the cast of Babylon Five, including all but one of the dead ones.
                          No, I did not steal that from somebody on Something Awful.


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                            Clint Eastwood's father was Clinton, his mom remarried some guy named Wood


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                              Me and Terry Long who in 1985 was the N.F.L's strongest man, a 1984 (or may have been 83) graduate of East Carolina University and starting right guard for the Pittsburg Steelers. 1991 was banned from the NFL for Steroids, IIRC. I won several U S Open Fighting Championships in the Super Heavy Weight Division(Above 250 #). As for Terry ,The Pittsburgh Steelers selected Long in the fourth round (111th pick overall) of the 1984 NFL Draft, and he played for the Steelers from 1984 to 1991. During his eight NFL seasons, he played in 105 games, and started 89 of them.
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